1.FactoryTalk Alarm & Events Quick Start

The WIN-911 FactoryTalk Alarm & Events Direct Connection provides a means of connecting to Rockwell's FactoryTalk Services in order to filter alarms from the configured A&E Server. Multiple data sources can be configured for FactoryTalk Alarms & Events, allowing the user to connect to multiple applications. The FT filters are configured based on Alarm Name, Alarm Class, and Severity, expediting the WIN-911 alarm configuration and maintenance process. The FTA&E tag properties are configured at the device level making all properties dynamic with respect to WIN-911. This means that a tag can be modified in FactoryTalk and those changes are automatically reflected in WIN-911. This connection requires you to purchase the WIN-911/FT license, please consult our price list for information. 

    The WIN-911 V7 Direct Connect with FactoryTalk Alarm & Events supports the following features:

  • Running as a Service 
  • Filter Tags
  • Watchdogs
  • Re-connection if data link is lost
  • Networked connection (NOTE: requires FactoryTalk services, and FactoryTalk client installed. Client does not need to be licensed or running, just installed)

    The WIN-911 Direct Connect with FactoryTalk Alarm & Events does NOT support the following features:

  • WIN-911 LITE
  • ALARM OFF command from FactoryTalk View
  • SUPPRESS command from FactoryTalk View
  • Digital or Analog tags
  • 411 reports
  • Data Pokes

A basic configuration of WIN-911 and FactoryTalk A&E consists of creating a data source definition > setting up groups > creating filters > setting up operators. In this section, we will go over setting up the data source and what is required in data source fields. 

A. Data Source

1. Begin the configuration by defining a data source for WIN-911 to connect to. This is done by clicking on the blue data button on your WIN-911 Configurator.

2. Click new to create a new data source

3. Select FactoryTalk Alarm and Events and click OK

Using a side-by-side comparison, we will now look at a FactoryTalk project in conjunction with what is required in WIN-911.

B. Access Name

The Access Name is user defined and is a place holder to identify your data connection.

C. Application

The Application is the name of the FactoryTalk project that WIN-911 is going to subscribe to. In the below example, you can see that WIN-911 is going to be connecting to the project Samples Water.  

NOTE: syntax is important, use the name EXACTLY as it is spelled out in the project, with correct capital and lower-case letters.

D. Directory Scope

Every FactoryTalk View project is configured with a Directory Scope. A stand-alone application is configured as Local. Distributed or networked applications are configured as Network. To determine your configuration in FT, use what is defined at the top of your FT project as the Directory Scope in WIN-911.

E. User name & password

WIN-911 uses a FactoryTalk user name and password to log into the FT application. You can use an existing user, but it is recommended that you create a user specifically for WIN-911.

Within FactoryTalk Studio, edit the user's settings so that the password never expires, and make sure that the user is a member of the Administrators group. This will prevent a potential disconnect on the WIN-911 side. 

FIgnore Events

Checking the box Ignore Bad and Uncertain Events will stop logging events in WIN-911 in regards to bad quality or uncertain events. This can significantly reduce the amount of activity WIN-911 processes. This is a global option that affects all FactoryTalk Alarm & Event tags.  

Once you are done configuring the data source, continue by clicking OK. If you receive an error, then one or more of the prerequisites has not been met. If no error message appeared, you were successful in configuring the data source.

G. Multiplexer Configuration 

The Rockwell Alarm Multiplexer and Rockwell Event Multiplexer must both be running as Local System on the same machine as WIN-911. Open Windows Services and locate both Multiplexer Services to confirm Log on As is set to Local System. If Local Service is not configured, make the changes, and restart each service.


WIN-911 requires User Authentication to connect and acknowledge alarms in FactoryTalk View. Open FactoryTalk View Studio and in the Explorer pane, open the Users and Groups folder, then expand the User Groups folder. Confirm Authenticated Users is added.



Next, you will need to create a new User in FactoryTalk View for WIN-911. Set \Password Never Expires, and make sure to add the user to the Administrators group.


If there are no error messages, click OK and return to the main Configurator. With the data source configured, you can continue on to editing/setting up your Group Definition

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.