WIN-911 introduces the ability to configure several modems on a single system. WIN-911 can then use these modems to send messages at a faster rate as well as have them serve as backups of one another. For example, if two modems are configured, the WIN-911 SMS module will use both modems simultaneously to send alarm messages. If one modem fails to send an alarm, the WIN-911 SMS module would redirect the alarm to the other modem.

Getting Started

You will need to setup a wireless account with Verizon and activate the modem before you can begin using it. If you have not provided Verizon with the MEID from the back of your modem, activation will fail. WIN-911 will only use the SMS functionality of your modem so you do not need a voice or a data plan. We recommend using an unlimited texting plan.

Modem Installation


Digitus USB Serial Converter

  1. Connect the DB9 male connector (9-pin) of the RS-232 cable to the RS-232 connector on the modem, then connect the other end to the serial port on the Digitus USB Serial Converter.

  2.  Screw-on the power lead from the power supply adapter into the power connection on the modem.

  3. Plug the Digitus USB Serial Converter into the computer. Windows will detect the new device and be unable to install a driver. 

  4. Download and extract the driver from this ZIP file. [Driver Download]
  5. Open Device Manager, find the USB Serial Converter under Other devices.

  6. Right click USB Serial Converter and select Update Driver Software...
  7. Select Browse my computer for driver software
  8. Select Browse... and navigate to the driver folder you extracted

  9. Windows will install the driver for the USB Serial Converter. 
  10. You will now have an unknown device called USB Serial Port under Other devices

  11. Right click USB Serial Port and select Update Driver Software...

  12. Select Browse my computer for driver software.

  13. Select Browse... and navigate to the same driver folder you used earlier

  14. Windows will install the driver and you'll now see USB Serial Port under Ports (COM & LPT)

  15. The Digitus USB Serial Converter is now installed and your modem can be access via the port it has been assigned. In my example, my modem is located on COM3.

Direct Serial (RS-232) Connection

  1. If your computer is equipped with a Serial COM port, simply connect the DB9 male connector (9-pin) of the RS-232 cable to the RS-232 connector on the modem, then connect the other end to the serial port on your computer.
  2. Screw-on the power lead from the power supply adapter into the power connection on the modem.
  3. You do not need to install a driver to use the modem.

Activating the Modem

Locate Modem COM Port

In order for WIN-911 to use your modem, you must tell it which COM port the modem was assigned to. If you're using the Digitus USB Serial Converter, then your COM port is the port assigned to the USB Serial Port under Ports (COM & LPT). If you're using a serial port on your computer then you'll need to open Device Manager and look under Ports (COM & LPT) for a Communications Port. Typically you'll have two Communications Ports, one on COM1 and the other on COM2

Terminal Session

  1. You'll need to make a connection to the modem with a terminal program such as  PuTTY, TeraTerm, or HyperTerminal using the COM port you found in the previous step. We'll use PuTTY in this guide which you can download from here, PuTTY Download.

  2. Open PuTTY and select the Serial radio button. Enter the COM port your modem is assigned to in the Serial line field and enter 115200 for the Speed. Select Open to connect to the modem.

  3. You should now be connected to the modem and looking at a terminal window. Enter ATE1 and hit enter. You should receive an OK response.

  4. You need to verify you have a strong enough signal to activate the modem. You can do this by typing the command AT+CSQ. You will receive a response similar to +CSQ: 15,99. The first value of the response indicates the signal strength [0 - 31]. You will need a signal of 10 or more. If your signal is below 10, activation may fail.

  5.  Enter the following command to activate the modem, AT+CDV*22899; (be sure to include the semicolon). Wait for the following responses to come through...

    #OTASP: 0
    #OTASP: 1
    #OTASP: 2

  6. Once you receive NO CARRIER, power cycle the modem by unplugging the USB cable from the modem and plugging it back in. 

  7. Reconnect to the modem via PuTTY (step 2).

  8. You can check to see if the registration was successful with the following command, AT+CREG? You will receive a response similar to +CREG: 0,1. You want the second value to be either a 1 or 5 which indicates registration was successful.

  9. Close PuTTY

Setting Up WIN-911

  1. Open the WIN-911 GUI and go to Contact > SMS > Gateway.

  2. Click the  button on the bottom left to add a new modem.

  3. Name: Enter a unique name for this modem.

  4. Connection Type: Select  for USB and RS-232 modems.

  5. Port: Enter the COM port you located previously in these instructions into the Port field or use the  button to browse for your modem. You will see the name of the modem next to COM port it is assigned to.


  6. Radio Type: The MTC-C2 uses a CDMA radio so you'll need to select


  7. Initialization: The Multi-Tech modems do not require an additional initialization string so leave this field empty.

  8. If you'd like WIN-911 to respond to incoming text messages for alarm requests, alarm acknowledgements, and Report requests then leave the Enable Incoming box checked. If you would like WIN-911 to ignore incoming messages, uncheck the box.

  9. Use the  button to send a text message to yourself. WIN-911 will also check the registration status, signal quality, and bit disparity rate. If the modem is not registered, you will need to call your cellular provider to make sure your modem is activated. If your signal is below 10, then you may have intermittent sending/receiving issues.

  10. Select the  button to save your configuration.

  11. WIN-911 is now configured to use your modem!


If you have followed these steps correctly, you have installed and setup your cellular modem for use with WIN-911.

If you're having any issues with these instructions, please submit a support request or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3