This document will guide you through correcting the most common errors you may encounter while using WEB-911 in Windows 7 and Server 2008.

Installing World Wide Web Services (IIS)

WEB-911 requires IIS so it must be enabled before installing WEB-911. If you have installed WEB-911 without IIS enabled, the easiest solution is to uninstall WEB-911, enable IIS, and then reinstall WEB-911. 

When you enabled World Wide Web Services, not all the features are enabled. You'll need to expand World Wide Web Services > Application Development Features and enable ASP.NET. When you enable ASP.NET, you'll see other features become enabled as well. Do not deselect them. 

Configuring World Wide Web Services (IIS)

In some instances WEB-911 does not install correctly in IIS. If you’re still receiving errors when launching an XTools control, please check the following settings in IIS.

Application Pool

During the WEB-911 installation a new Application Pool, “Specter.Classic”, is created. In some cases the wrong settings may have been applied and must be corrected. You can access your Application Pools by opening your IIS Services Manager from Administrative Tools. Once open, expand the tree in the left pane, you can then select Application Pools. Select Specter.Classic and click Advanced Settings in the right window pane. The “.NET Framework Version” should be 4.0 and if you’re using a 64-bit OS, “Enable 32-Bit Applications” should be set to True.

Expand Tree


Application Pool Advanced Settings



With your IIS Services Manager still open you can select and expand Sites on the left pane. You’ll then see Default Web Sites, expand further and you’ll be able to select WEB-911 Services. Select Advanced Settings in the right window pane. Under the General section you should have Specter.Classic selected for the Application Pool and the Physical Path should point to your WEB-911 installation directory.

WEB-911 Services Advanced Settings



If you are still experiencing issues with WEB-911, please submit a support request or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3