What is Reporting?

Reports provide operational data that is not necessarily associated with alarm conditions. Reports can be dispatched in accordance with a strategy or in response to a query from a remote user.


Reports can be used to:

  • query current operating conditions

  • provide additional context to alarm events

  • organize information


Note: Not all data sources support Reporting.

Creating a Report in WIN-911 2021

Navigate to the Reporting tab in WIN-911 2021 Workspace.  Click the Plus (+) button at the bottom middle to create a report.  

Reports require a unique number and name, and Alarms or Items used in reporting MUST BE imported into WIN-911 2021 from your SCADA in order to be used.  After entering in a Report Number (use up/down arrows) and Name, click the +Add button to select the Items or Alarms for reporting.

Note: This means that if you are using the FactoryTalk Alarms and Events or AVEVA System Platform with WIN-911 2021, you will need to set up an OPC DA server and configure your alarms within OPC.  This will allow you to import them into WIN-911 2021 for reporting use.  Connect WIN-911 2021 to your OPC DA server as a new alarm source node, in addition to the existing FTAE/SP source. 

Once you click on +Add, all imported alarms will be listed to be selected from.

Item Reports show the value of the selected alarm.

Alarm Reports show the current alarm state.

After selecting the Alarms/Items for the current report, click the Check box and then SAVE CHANGES!  You will now be able to call in to WIN-911 2021 to request the report by name or number.  See below for ways to request reports.

Methods to Request Reports


- To request reports, send an email with the subject "REPORT" followed by either the report name or number (e.g. "REPORT 14" or "REPORT Freshwater Tanks").

- You can also limit your request to specific report items (e.g. "REPORT 14 : 1,2,3" would pull first three items of report number 14, or "REPORT XYZ : 1-3,7-9" would pull items 1 through 3 and items 7 through 9 of report whose name is XYZ)

- To request a list of reports, send an email with "LIST REPORTS" as the subject


- To see the report request options at any time, send a message to the SMS modem phone number with the word "help"


Call the phone number that your WIN-911 system uses for inbound/outbound calls. When WIN-911 answers, follow the voice prompts to request reports.


"Please enter your authorization code followed by the pound key"

"Main menu"

"For alarm request, press 2"

"For report requests by number, press 3" -> press 3 -> "please enter a report number followed by the pound key"

"For a list of available reports, press 4" -> press 4 -> "please select a report from the following list..." it will then list all reports that are created in WIN-911, enter the number of the report. At the end of the list, it will say "Press * to repeat this list, press 0 to cancel"

Mobile App:

- Open the menu and tap "Reports"

- Tap the desired report 

- Report values returned

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Customer Care Code or your Serial number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512) 326-1011.