On December 7th, WIN-911 Mobile users may experience an authentication token expiration that will not recover until they manually restart the WIN-911 Mobile Runtime. Users can prevent this issue from occurring if they upgrade to WIN-911 2021 R6 before December 7th. The latest WIN-911 release has the necessary reconnect logic to mitigate this issue in the future.

If you experience this issue, you will see the following error message upon opening the WIN-911 Mobile app. See the bottom of the article for a detailed explanation of the issue.


Upgrading to the WIN-911 2021 R6 release will mitigate the issue through improved Mobile reconnect logic.

Download WIN-911 2021 R6

If upgrading is not an option at this time, you will need to restart the WIN-911 Mobile Runtime service each time you experience the issue. Typically authentication tokens are up for expiration every 90 days. Follow the instructions below for restarting the service.

Open Services:

Right-click WIN-911 Mobile Runtime and select Restart:

Detailed Explanation:

On September 7th, 2022, the WIN-911 Mobile Cloud experienced a timeout against Microsoft servers while refreshing tokens used to secure communications with WIN-911 sites. This token refresh is going to occur again on December 7th, 2022 (and is expected 90 days thereafter.)

Regretfully, automatic reconnect logic in the WIN-911 Mobile runtime prior to 2021 R6 did not consider a token change. Earlier versions will require a manual restart to ensure their continued operation. Runtimes not restarted are expected to lose connectivity between the site and client devices.

WIN-911 always recommends utilizing multiple notification methods to avoid missing notifications when one notification method is temporarily unavailable.