A hot backup license can be purchased to run a secondary WIN-911 system which backs up the primary WIN-911 system. If the primary WIN-911 computer goes down, or it loses connection to the network, the hot backup WIN-911 would become active and pick up the notification duties. In this scenario, there will be two WIN-911's running on separate computers on the network.  Both will be connected to the data source, collecting alarms. However, only one will be sending notifications, because the other will be in Standby mode.


1. Install, license, and configure the Primary WIN-911 system.

2. Install and license the Secondary (Hot Backup) WIN-911 system.

3. Use the Backup/Restore Utility provided by WIN-911 to copy the configuration from the Primary WIN-911 to the Secondary WIN-911 system. Any passwords configured in the primary will need to be re-entered in the secondary machine. Also, all hardware gateway connections will most likely need to be changed to connect to that system's specific mail account, cellular modem, IP PBX, or Mobile Gateway Account. 

4. Implement the failover script provided at the bottom of this document. 

The idea is to have one WIN-911 system in Active mode and one WIN-911 system in Standby mode. If at any time both WIN-911s are Active, double the notifications will be made for monitored alarms. If at any time both WIN-911's are in Standby, notifications will be completely lost for monitored alarms.

WIN-911 has provided the executables to automate the failover using Standby.exe & Activate.exe. These files are installed to disk at C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911\Standby Activate\.

It is left up to the system integrator to decide how best to set up the triggers and scripting for the automatic failover, but WIN-911 has provided an example using a VB script that can be run on the Secondary WIN-911 machine using Task Scheduler.

The .zip file contains the Failover Script (instructions included in the script itself), and screenshots for running the script using Task Scheduler. 

Video Resources

This webinar discusses redundancy options and an explanation of the Hot Backup setup for WIN-911 V4 (Standard, Interactive, Advanced).  Note some detail might be different when setting up the script for WIN-911 2021.

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need your Customer Care Subscription number or your WIN-911 Serial number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512) 326-1011.