This article will show you how to remove a WIN-911 license from CodeMeter if the "Remove License" button is disabled.

It is important that only one WIN-911 License is "Activated" in CodeMeter Control Center. You will need to remove any WIN-911 Demo licenses or any licenses showing Status: Activation Invalid.

In this example, we are trying to remove the WIN-911 Demo license after installing my permanent license. You can see the Remove License button is disabled.

1. Open CodeMeter Command Prompt from the Windows Start Menu, CodeMeter folder.

2. Execute the following command, where the Serial Number matches the license you are trying to remove from CodeMeter.

cmu32.exe --delete-cmact-license --serial <Serial number of CmActLicense license>

3. The license should disappear from CodeMeter Control Center. The Command Prompt will report "CmAct-License ###-##### successfully removed".