The entire WIN-911 V7 configuration is held within two files, the WIN-911.INI and the configuration file that is named by the user - yourfilename.MDB 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Specter Instruments\WIN-911 V7\WIN-911.INI

Click "View" and check the box for "File name extensions" to see the .INI file name if desired.

The default directory for the .MDB file is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Specter Instruments\WIN-911 V7\Configuration Files

However, the user can choose to save their config file anywhere they choose. The name of your config file is in the top left corner of the V7 Configurator window, and you can click "File" > "Save as" to see the location where it is saved, or choose a new location for your config file.

Make a copy of the WIN-911.INI file and your config .MDB file, put these files on the WIN-911 2021 machine in order to use the V7 Importer.

Launch the V7 Importer (Windows start button > WIN-911 folder) on the WIN-911 2021 machine and browse to select your two required files.

The Import Utility will show a preview of what is able to be imported into WIN-911 2021

Successful import page. 

If there are any errors with the import process, it will show the item and a description of why it failed to import it.

You can now open the WIN-911 2021 Workspace and make any final edits/changes to the imported configuration, if desired, and finish setting up the new software.

WIN-911 2021 Quick Start Guide