WIN-911 Software issues hotfixes to address minor issues between releases. When possible, hotfixes will be rollup updates so you only need to install the latest hotfix. You will find details regarding hotfix releases below.

 (Updated 7/12/21)

MD5: C99AB4C6B77E28F7F846FA448D320A

IMPORTANT: Please close WIN-911 Workspace and save your configuration before running the hotfix. If WIN-911 Workspace is running, the hotfix will shut it down without saving changes.

Hotfix History

Hotfix #1

Notification Policy Update


Basic Notification Policies allow users to select the alarm states which require notification. When an alarm state changes during the execution of a callout list, the alarm state notification selection is not honored by WIN-911 until the callout list restarts.

For example, if a new alarm is received (active and unacked), the callout list will begin executing. If the alarm state updates (inactive and unacked), WIN-911 will continue to process the callout list as if it were in the original state. If a user has deselected notification for inactive alarms, they will still receive the notification.


Escalation behavior has been updated to allow alarm updates to be processed while a callout list is executing. Now, WIN-911 will always honor the latest alarm update when evaluating whether a notification will be sent. 

Unable to Enable/Disable Sites in WIN-911 Mobile


When using WIN-911 Mobile with multiple users, you are unable to disable or enable the WIN-911 system in the Mobile app.


A new DLL has been released to address this issue.

Hotfix #2

Unable to Switch Between Activate/Standby


When running WIN-911 services as Network Service, users are unable to switch between Standby and Active modes.


Updated file permissions on the Dispatcher folder and config file to allow modification by Network Service account.

Unable to Save Support Code


When running WIN-911 services as Network Service, users are unable to save their Customer Care Code in WIN-911 Workspace


Updated permissions on WIN-911 registry key to allow modification by Network Service account.