***Important notes before configuring WIN-911***

Please review the System Requirements page for supported SCADA versions and other helpful information.

*** CIMPLICITY Configuration ***

To successfully integrate WIN-911 into an existing GE CIMPLICITY system, there is one recommended architecture to use:

  • A single GE CIMPLICITY Application with a single WIN-911 system

WIN-911 can be installed either on the CIMPLICITY client machine, or where the CIMPLICITY Project is running.


If security enabled in your install of GE CIMPLICITY then you will need to have the CIMPLICITY username and password that has access to the HMI and can acknowledge alarms.  These settings are configured by your CIMPLICITY administrator. 

*** WIN-911 Configuration ***

In the WIN-911 Workspace, expand Alarm Sources > CIMPLICITY > Click Add New Project.

Fill out the corresponding fields in WIN-911 to connect to the CIMPLICITY Project.
NameEnter the name of the CIMPLICITY  project you wish to monitor. The name is case sensitive and must match the project name as it appears in CIMPLICITY. 

UsernameCIMPLICITY users can be assigned to enhance operational security.

Password:  If a password is configured for the WIN-911 username enter it here, otherwise, leave this field empty.  

Configure Subscriptions - Expand Subscription section and click +Add Subscription

Type in a Name and select which Notification Policy the alarms will be sent to.

Clicking "Add Filter" and using the built-in "AND / OR" options with "Add Criterion" adds another layer of customization to each filter, allowing subscriptions to be as simple or complex as needed. 

In this example, the filter will catch any alarms in the Area that contains the text Lift Station 22 AND Does Not Contain alarms with the Attribute matching the text Door Alarm.

Click "Save Project" when finished.  Alarms will be sent to the configured Notification Policy for the first matching subscription

NOTE: Only 1 subscription can be matched, and no further processing against other subscriptions will occur. 

Create as many subscriptions as needed. Reorder by dragging a line item up or down the list.

NOTE: A "catch all" for all alarms sent to a "Do Not Notify" Policy can be added as the last line item to verify alarms are being sent to WIN-911, you will see them in the Log Viewer. This Subscription filter can be deleted upon confirmation that alarms are being seen in WIN-911.

And always... Save your changes!

Watchdogs (Optional) 

CIMPLICITY supports watchdog timers, which may be used to alert users when communication is lost between WIN-911 and CIMPLICITY.  WIN-911 must monitor an alarm condition that cycles in and out of alarm on a specific time interval.  The watchdog timer would then be set to a value greater than the interval.  If the timer expires prior to the change of alarm state then WIN-911 will trigger a watchdog alarm. 

Fill out required fields, configure timeout, select which Notification Policy this Watchdog alarm should call out to, set the severity of your choice, add any desired labels and a description as needed.

Name: User defined alarm name

Point: Each Point ID can have up to 32 characters, any combination of upper-case letters and numbers, and  special characters, with some restriction (see CIMPLICITY documentation  for these). 

Health Alarm (Optional) 

The health alarm monitors  WIN-911's connection with the project. If the project connection is lost WIN-911 will trigger an alarm that can be dispatched an alarm notifier. 

Points (Optional)

Each Point ID can have up to 32 characters, any combination of upper-case letters and numbers, and  special characters, with some restriction (see CIMPLICITY documentation  for these). 

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Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Customer Care Code or your Serial number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512) 326-1011.