Please review this document before upgrading to WIN-911 2021 from WIN-911 Standard, Interactive, Advanced v3.x or v4.x. This document will cover prerequisites, supported features, eligibility, and upgrade procedures.


Customers waiting for WIN-911 2021 R2  before upgrading. 

(WIN-911 2021 R2 was released Sept. 28, 2021)

  • Customers with a WIN-911 Advanced license
  • Customers connecting to AVEVA Edge and InduSoft Web Studio
  • Customers requiring UI localization
  • Customers with Distributed WIN-911 modules installed. Distributed installs do not refer to the Mobile Hub. Mobile Hub users are ok to upgrade to WIN-911 2021 R2.

What do I need to know before I upgrade?

  • Upgrades require the customer to request a new license file after installing WIN-911 2021.
  • Mobile-911 (legacy smartphone apps) is no longer under development and will be shut down on December 21, 2021. This module has been removed from WIN-911 2021 in favor of WIN-911 Mobile.
  • TAPI is no longer under development and has been removed from WIN-911 2021 in favor of the Grandstream VoIP to Analog PBX.
  • The new licensing schema now considers all source nodes from all installed source modules against a single allowed node license default.
  • The WIN-911 2021 release does not include the RoleUtility.exe or ScheduleUtility.exe
  • Customers with versions older than 4.21.5, connecting to System Platform with Authentication Enabled, will be required to re-enter the password.

Upgrade Procedure: 

1. Download WIN-911 2021 - Software Download.

2. Follow the Install Guide to automatically upgrade your WIN-911 system.

3. Fill out the WIN-911 2021 License Request Form.

4. WIN-911 will email back a License Activation Key. The key will be used on the WIN-911 License Portal to activate and download your license.

5. Remove your old V3/V4 license as well as the WIN-911 Demo license in CodeMeter Control Center.