Configuring Labels

WIN-911 introduces the concept of Labels, which is a way of categorizing and developing logic for your configured alarms.  The Label settings are user-defined and not required to configure.  They are used to simplify Tactic configuration and add a level of convenience when adding new alarms.   

In the following document, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Creating a Label
  • Configuration
  • Implementation

With this information, you will a better understanding of how to efficiently utilize this new feature of WIN-911.

Creating a Label

Open the WIN911 Workspace and expand Alarm Sources -> Labels

Select the "+" button to open the Label creation window.


In the Label creation window you can define label Name, Description (optional), Foreground (Text) color and Background Color.

The Used By section will show any alarms that are using the created Label. 

Select the Save Changes to save your new label.


You now have a new label to assign to your alarms.



Navigate to Alarm Sources -> OPC DA -> Items.

With your newly created item selected, click on the "+" button under the Labels Header.


In the Select Labels to Add window you will see all of your available Labels.


In this window, you can hold shift and click to make multiple selections, or click the top left checkbox to select all Labels.  

With your current selections, click the checkmark icon at the bottom right to add them to the tag.


Once you have your labels saved to your alarm, you can now utilize them in your Notification Policies.



WIN911 2021 utilizes labels on the individual alarms and the alarm conditions for data sources like OPC-DA

For sources with subscriptions, the subscription can be assigned labels.

In the Notification Policies Window, with a policy selected you will see and can filter any items utilized by the policy in the Used By section.

An example of a filtered Notification Policy's Used By field using the previous screenshot.


Labels are a way of simplifying adding and deleting an individual or groups of alarms to your current configuration.  For systems with larger data sets, the only requirement for importing or adding alarms to WIN-911 is to make sure they are configured with the correct Label. 

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Customer Care Code or your Serial number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512) 326-1011.