In the WIN-911 Workspace, expand Contacts and click Directory then "Add New Contact"

Enter a name and click Add New Connection.

Select Mobile.

In the connection details, fill out required fields, select a Schedule, add Roles if desired, change Acknowledgement settings, and save the Contact.

In this Mobile connection example, notice that the Mobile account is tied to an email address. This needs to be any active email address owned by the WIN-911 Mobile App user (NOT the Mobile Gateway email address).

Clicking on the "Send Invitation Email" button will prompt the WIN-911 Mobile Cloud Services to automatically send a Get Started email to new users. You may resend this invitation at any time using the provided button in the WIN-911 Mobile Details window.


The email invitation will guide the user through a simple, online registration process that will create a password (if the address is not already associated with a Microsoft account) and prompt the user to accept required app permissions.  



After selecting accept you will be taken to the login screen for the Mobile Gateway. Sign-in to the Gateway and then open the WIN-911 Mobile App and sign in on your mobile device.

Each "Contact" can have multiple "Connections" (i.e. one Email connection and one Mobile connection).

Click on the contact and click "Configure Contact" then "Add New Connection" to add another connection type.

Email Connections >

Notification Policies >