Each "Contact" can have multiple "Connections" (i.e. one Voice connection, one Mobile connection, etc.).

Click on Contacts > Directory and click on an existing contact (or add a new Contact if none exist) and click "Configure Contact" then "Add New Connection" to add another connection type, a Mobile connection in this case.

If contact is brand new - enter a name and click Add New Connection.

In the connection details, fill out required fields, select a Schedule, add Roles if desired, change Acknowledgement settings, and save the Contact.

In this Mobile connection example, notice that the Mobile account is tied to an email address. NOTE: This needs to be any active email address owned by the WIN-911 Mobile App user (NOT the Mobile Gateway email address).

Clicking on the "Send Invitation Email" button will prompt the WIN-911 Mobile Cloud Services to automatically send a Get Started email to the new user.  

NOTE: You may resend this invitation at any time using the provided button in the WIN-911 Mobile Details window.


The email invitation will guide the user through a simple, online registration process that will create a password (if the address is not already associated with a Microsoft account) and prompt the user to accept required app permissions.  



After selecting accept, the user will be directed to the login screen for the Mobile Gateway.  Sign-in to the Gateway and then open the WIN-911 Mobile App to sign in on your mobile device.

New Feature with WIN911 2021 R3 - WIN911 Mobile Users can access the Operator Workspace from the mobile app. You will have to configure their workspace access in WIN911 Workspace > Directory.

And always... Save your changes!

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Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Customer Care Code or your Serial number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512) 326-1011.