***Important notes before configuring WIN-911***

Please review the System Requirements page for supported SCADA versions and other helpful information.

These requirements must be met before WIN-911 will connect to FactoryTalk View Alarms and Events Server.

1. The WIN-911/FT option is required to make the connection to FactoryTalk View A&E Server. If you have not purchased the WIN-911/FT option with your base license (Standard, Interactive, or Advanced), please contact your WIN-911 reseller.

2. WIN-911 must be installed on a computer with FactoryTalk Services installed. The computer also must have a FactoryTalk View Client installed. The FactoryTalk Client is not required to be licensed or running.

3. Rockwell Alarm Multiplexer and Rockwell Event Multiplexer must both be running as Local System on the same machine as WIN-911. Open Windows Services and locate both Multiplexer Services to confirm Log on As is set to Local System. If Local System is not configured, make the changes, and restart each service.


4. WIN-911 requires User Authentication to connect and acknowledge alarms in FactoryTalk View. Open FactoryTalk View Studio and in the Explorer pane, open the Users and Groups folder, then expand the User Groups folder. Confirm Authenticated Users is added.



If Authenticated Users has been removed, you will need to add the WIN-911 Service account (that the WIN-911 FTAE Runtime service is running under). Open Windows Services. Note the Log On As user for WIN-911 FTAE Runtime.



Next, you will need to create a new User in FactoryTalk View for WIN-911. Set Password Never Expires, and make sure to add the user to the Administrators group.


*** WIN-911 Configuration ***

In the WIN-911 Workspace, expand Alarm Sources > FactoryTalk > Add New Application to create one.

Fill out the corresponding fields in WIN-911, to connect to the FactoryTalk application.

Application Name: Must match the FactoryTalk Application name exactly (case sensitive).

Username and Password: Create a dedicated admin account in FactoryTalk for WIN-911, or use an existing account, as long as the password will never change.

Good Quality Events Only: Check this box to ignore bad quality or uncertain events.

Click the Test Connection button.  If it succeeds, continue.  If it fails, double-check and correct settings until the connection is successful.

Scroll down to expand the Subscriptions heading and click Add Subscription.

Choose to subscribe to "All Alarms and Events" or "Filters" and assign the subscription option to the desired Notification Policy.

Selecting "Filters" then "Add Filter" will show options to create custom filters. These are used to bring in specific alarms that match the filter criteria.

Clicking "Add Criterion" and using the built-in "AND / OR" options adds another layer of customization to each filter, allowing subscriptions to be as simple or complex as needed. 

In this example, the filter will catch any alarm Name that contains the word Tank AND has a severity of 800 or more, and will also catch any alarm Name that contains the word Pump, due to the OR criteria.

Filter by Class, Group, Name, or Severity alarm fields.  Include or exclude alarms with the additional filter criteria options of Wild Card, Regular Expression, Contains or Does Not Contain.

Click "Save Application" when finished, and alarms will be sent to the configured Notification Policy for the first matching subscription.  

NOTE: Only 1 subscription can be matched, and no further processing against other subscriptions will occur. 

Create as many subscriptions as needed.  Reorder by dragging a line item up or down the list. 

NOTE: A "catch all" of "All Alarms and Events" to a "Do Not Notify" Policy can be added as the last line item to verify alarms are being sent to WIN-911, you will see them in the Log Viewer.

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Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Customer Care Code or your Serial number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512) 326-1011.