*** IMPORTANT: This article is a beginner's guide for setting up Basic Notification Polices, which are included with a Standard or Interactive license. If you have an Advanced license, you can absolutely use basic Notification Policies. However, here is the KB article for Advanced Notification Policies***

In the WIN-911 Workspace, click on Notification Policies then + to create a new one.


Enter a name for the Notification Policy and click "Add Connection" to select which contacts should be in the callout list.

Check the box for each connection that will be added to the callout list, save the settings with the checkmark in the bottom right.

Retries: Only upon a failure, the notification will be attempted again if 1 or more retries are configured.

Delay Between Retries: How long to wait before attempting the notification again.

Delay After Connection: After sending a successful notification, how long to wait before sending a notification to the next connection in the callout list.

Fine tune callout list settings at any time for desired behavior.

Scroll further down in the notification policy settings for additional options that can be configured.

Send Notification for...: Select the alarm state(s) that should result in sending notifications to the callout list.

Alarm State Change Behavior: Select the desired 'renotify' action to take when an alarm changes state (i.e. goes from active to inactive, or from unacknowledged to acknowledged, etc.) 

Renotify Without Delays: Those connections who have received the initial notification, will immediately be renotified of the new alarm state.

Do Not Renotify: Take no action

Restart the Callout List: This would start back at the top of the callout list (without observing the "Delay Before Callout List" delay) and begin renotifying contacts in order, including all delays.

Automatically Acknowledge on Inactivation: If checked, WIN-911 will auto-acknowledge an alarm that changes state back to "Inactive" (not in alarm, returned to normal, etc.)

NOTE: If "Inactive + Acknowledged" alarm state is selected, and the "Alarm State Change Behavior" option is set to "Restart Callout List", the "renotify without delays" action will be substituted for this alarm state.

Configure Alarm Source >

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Customer Care Code or your Serial number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512) 326-1011.