1. Introduction

GE introduced alarm shelving with iFIX 6.0 which allows operators to manually remove alarms from the active alarm list for a set period. When an alarm is shelved, WIN-911 users may want to prevent notifications from being sent out. Starting with WIN-911 4.20.13, Strategy conditions for when an Alarm Becomes Suppressed and Alarm Becomes Unsuppresssed have been added. You can use these condition triggers to prevent or stop WIN-911 from sending notification. This article will detail how to set up your Strategy to utilize these new condition triggers.

Note: You must have a WIN-911 Advanced license to use Alarm Becomes Suppress and Alarm Becomes Unsuppressed. WIN-911 Standard and Interactive are not supported. 

2. Strategy Configuration

These steps will show you how to set up your Strategy so that when an alarm becomes suppressed, any running Tactics (callout lists) will be terminated and when an alarm becomes unsuppressed, a new instance of a Tactic will start. 

  • Open WIN-911 Workspace and navigate to Notification -> Strategies.
  • Click the add button on the bottom left to create a new Strategy or select an existing Strategy you'd like to modify.
  • Switch to an Advanced Strategy by clicking the Advanced Mode button
  • Enter a Name for your Strategy
  • You will have three policies defined by default which you will need to modify.
    • Initial Event should be set to start a Tactic which contains the operators you'd like to notify when an alarm occurs
    • Change the second policy, which is set to Any Alarm State Change to Alarm Becomes Suppressed -> Stop All Tactics
    • Add another policy and set it to Alarm Becomes Unsuppressed -> Start Tactic and select a Tactic containing operators you want to be notified if an alarm becomes unsuppressed
    • If you want operators to be notified when an alarm becomes inactive, add another policy set to Alarm Becomes Inactive -> Renotify. Otherwise, leave it out. 
    • If you want operators to be notified when an alarm becomes acknowledged, add another policy set to Alarm Becomes Acknowledged -> Renotify. If you want to stop all notifications when alarm becomes acknowledged instead, choose Stop Strategy instead of Renotify
    • Leave Alarm Becomes Terminal -> Stop Strategy
    • Your Strategy should look like this example

    • Click Save and you can now assign iFIX Blocks or Filters to your new Strategy.
    • The behavior of this Strategy is as follows
      • When a new alarm occurs, WIN-911 will start notifying operators in the Tactic called Notify Operators.
      • If the alarm state changes to inactive or acknowledged, WIN-911 will renotify the previously notified operators.
      • If the alarm becomes shelved and the Notify Operators Tactic is running, it will be stopped. 
      • If the alarm becomes unshelved, WIN-911 will start the Notify Operators Tactic. 
      • When the alarm becomes inactive and acknowledged, WIN-911 will stop the Strategy.

3. WIN-911 Log Viewer

A new column has been added to the Log Viewer to display the suppression state which can be enabled by clicking the gear on the top right-hand side and selecting Suppressed from the list. You will see a new column for the Suppressed state.