1. MTR-MNG2 Install Guide

NOTE: The MTR-MNG2-B07-WW requires WIN-911 version 3.18.2 or newer. If you're not sure which version of WIN-911 you have, check to Add/Remove Programs for the version number of the WIN-911 Navigation module.

This guide will walk through the installation and setup of the Multi-Tech's MTR-MNG2 for use with the WIN-911 SMS Notifier module to send and receive text messages.

WIN-911 communicates with Multi-Tech's MTR modems either through a Telnet or Serial interface. WIN-911 recommends using the Telnet interface, where the modem is connected to a router or switch within your LAN, not directly to the PC. For this document, our focus will be connected via the Ethernet port. 

A. Activation / SIM Card Info

The MTR-MNG2-B07-WW is an LTE Cat M1 / NB-IoT modem which, depending on the cellular provider you use, may require a special M2M or IoT account. Please check with your provider to ensure you select the correct cellular plan.

Before configuring WIN-911 to use your modem, you will need to set up a wireless account with a cellular provider and obtain a Standard SIM card

WIN-911 will potentially send many text messages so we recommend subscribing to an unlimited texting plan to avoid overage charges. Neither a data nor voice plan is required for use with WIN-911.

It is possible to install the modem ahead of time without a SIM card, but WIN-911 will not function correctly until the SIM card is installed in the modem.

B. Installing a SIM Card 

Once you have your SIM card, you can install it into the modem.

NOTE: You can use a Micro or Nano SIM card but you'll need the appropriate Standard SIM card adapter. 

  • Locate the SIM card slot on the side of the modem. The slot is labeled SIM. 
  • Slide a SIM card into the SIM card slot with the contact side facing down as shown. When the SIM card is inserted fully, it will lock into place.
  • To remove the SIM card, push the card in and it'll eject from the device.

C. Modem Configuration

A web management interface is available for the configuration of the modem. You must connect to the modem using the Ethernet port to gain access via a web browser. The next section details the two options for connecting to the modem.

D. Connecting the Modem to a Network Switch / LAN

The Ethernet port on the modem does not support DHCP which means you'll need to manually configure a Static IP before attaching the modem to your existing LAN. We have found the easiest way to initially access and configure your modem is by connecting an Ethernet cable from the modem directly to a PC. You do not need to connect the modem to the PC you are running WIN-911 for this step, this is only needed for the initial configuration. Once the configuration is complete, you can connect the modem to your LAN.

The default IP address of the modem is You will likely need to change the IP address of your PC's network card to be within the same IP and subnet mask range as the modem to communicate with it. Since you need to change the Static IP address of the modem to a valid address on your LAN, you will need to work with your IT team to determine which Static IP address you can use. You may need to provide your IT team with the MAC address of the modem for them to create the IP reservation. You can find the MAC address labeled as NODE ID on the bottom of the modem. Once you have an IP address reserved for the modem, you can continue to the section below titled Changing the IP Address of the PC to change your PC's network card's settings to communicate with the modem.

E. Changing the IP Address of the PC

  • Open Network Connections
    • The quickest way to get there is by typing ncpa.cpl in your Windows Start menu or from a Run prompt (Win Key + R).
    • Alternatively, navigate to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Click Change adapter settings on the left.
  • Locate the network adapter connected to your modem.
  • Right-click the adapter and select Properties
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties
  • You will be changing the settings here so please take note of your current settings if you will need to restore them later. If you're planning on running WIN-911 with the modem connected directly to this PC, you won't need to change these settings back.
  • Change your settings to match the following screenshot

    NOTE: You will likely lose network/internet access once you apply these settings.

  • Click OK
  • Your PC should now be on the same subnet as the modem, and you'll be able to access the web configuration interface.
  • You can continue to the next section.

2. Accessing and Configuring the Web Management Interface

  • Open a web browser and enter the default address for the router:
    • Your browser will display a message stating There is a problem with the website's security certificate, you can safely ignore the warning and click Continue to this website. The website forces HTTPS but the certificate it uses is a self-signed certificate which means it is not trusted by your PC.
  • The modem should come up in Commissioning Mode
    • Enter a username and password of your choice.
    • After you set your username and password, log in to the configuration.
  • The First-Time Setup Wizard will appear
    • Select Network Router and click Next.

    • Enter the current Date, Time, and select your Time Zone.

    • Enter the IPv4 Address and Mask you'd like to use and click Next.
      • If you'll be connecting the modem to your LAN, use the IP address and subnet mask your IT team provided.
      • If you'll be connecting the modem directly to the WIN-911 PC, you can leave the default address and mask.

    • Leave Enabled unchecked for Cellular Configuration and click Next.

    • Leave Cellular Authentication set to None and click Next.

    • Leave Remote Management disabled and click Next.

    • Leave the defaults for Access Configuration.

    • Leave defaults for Bootloader Protection and click Finish.

    • A DHCP warning will appear, click OK and you will be redirected to the Home page.

    • DO NOT reboot yet, you will need to make a few more changes.

  • You should still have access to the Web Management Interface.

  • Under Setup, select DHCP Configuration. Then under the IPv4 DHCP Servers section, click the Edit icon on the right.

  • Uncheck the Enabled box to disabled DHCP, then click the Submit button.

  • Under Setup, select Serial-IP Configuration and check the box Enabled. This will enable WIN-911 to use the settings defined within the modem. Click the Submit button.
  • Under SMS, select SMS Configuration and uncheck the box Enabled. This will allow WIN-911 to send SMS text messages using AT commands. Click the Submit button.
  • Now we must enable the Telnet Radioaccess. The Telnet Radio Access configuration is hidden so you will need to use a specific URL to access this page. Use this URL to gain access to the Telnet Radio Access configuration: 

https://[Modem IP Address]/cellular/telnetRadioAccess  (case-sensitive)

  • Check the Enabled box to allow WIN-911 to communicate with the modem through a Telnet session.
  • You'll see an option for Login. When enabled (default setting), Telnet sessions will require that you log in with the same user credentials that are used to access the Web Management Interface. WIN-911 supports connections with or without the Login option enabled, but it is up to you to decide whether you want to disable it.
  • You'll also see an option for changing the default Port. If other applications running on the WIN-911 PC uses port 5000, you can change the port here to avoid a port conflict or for network security considerations. I most cases, you can leave the default Port setting at 5000.
  • Ensure Inactivity (Seconds) is set to 0.  Setting this to anything other than 0 can cause the SMS Runtime Module to use excessive CPU.
  • Once you've made your changes, click Submit.
  • You can now click Save and Restart on the top left to reboot the modem.

  • If you changed the IP address of the modem so you can access it on the LAN, you'll need to change your Network Adapter settings back to its previous settings. You can now connect the modem to your LAN via a network switch. You may need to power cycle the modem after connecting the modem to your LAN if you cannot access it.
  • Once the modem has rebooted, make sure you can still access the web configuration. Once you have verified access, you'll be able to configure WIN-911 to use the modem.

3. Configure WIN-911 SMS Gateway

With your modem configured, you can set up WIN-911 to use the modem with the following steps.

  • Open the WIN-911 Workspace and navigate to Contacts > SMS > Gateway

  • Click the  button on the bottom left to add a new modem.

  • Name: Enter a unique name for the modem. 
    • You may find it useful to place the phone number of the modem in the name. E.g. Verizon LTE Modem (555-555-555)
  • Connection Type: Select

  • Address: Enter the IP address and port number of your modem. This is the IP address and port you configured in a previous step. 

  • Use Login: If Login is enabled for Telnet sessions, enter the User Name and Password. If you disabled Login when configuring the modem, disable it here as well.

  • Radio Type: WIN-911 automatically detects that you are using the MTR-MNG2 so you do not need to specify a Radio Type. You can leave GSM selected.

  • Initialization: Leave blank
  • Enable Incoming: When enabled, WIN-911 will process incoming SMS messages for the purpose of remote acknowledgment and Alarm / Report requests. If you do not require such functionality, feel free to disable this option.

  • Truncate messages to 70 characters: Both Verizon and AT&T allow multi-part text messages so you do not need to enable this option.

  • Click  to send a test message to a mobile phone. WIN-911 will also check the registration status, signal quality, and bit disparity rate of the modem. If the modem is not registered, you may need to call your cellular provider to make sure your SIM card is activated. If your signal is below 10, then you may have intermittent sending/receiving issues.

  • Select the  button to save your configuration.

  • WIN-911 is now configured to use your modem. 

Technical Support

To create a support case, you can use your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.