Migration to New Smartphone Apps Required by December 21, 2021

Customer Notice


Product Discontinuation & Migration Notification for Mobile‑911 Customers


March 10, 2020


Dear Valued Customer, 


This letter serves as formal notification that WIN-911 Software has set an end of life date and an end of support date for our (OLD) Mobile-911 Smartphone Apps and related services. 


Mobile-911 launched in 2008, and we have made a substantial investment in our next generation mobile solution, (NEW) WIN-911 Mobile, launched in October of 2019. To learn more about the enhanced functionality of WIN-911 Mobile, please visit https://www.win911.com/products/mobile/ 


An upgrade path is available for all current Mobile-911 users. However, WIN-911 V7 Pro customers will be required to migrate to WIN-911 Interactive or Advanced to take advantage of the new WIN-911 Mobile. To learn more about upgrading, please visit, https://www.win911.com/mobile911upgrade/ 


WIN-911 V7 Pro Customers with a valid Support Agreement can upgrade to WIN-911 Interactive to utilize NEW WIN-911 Mobile for FREE.


WIN-911 Interactive & Advanced Customers with a valid Support Agreement can migrate to our new Smartphone/Tablet APP and supporting services for NO CHARGE. 


PLEASE NOTE: Only Mobile-911 is affected by this announcement. Core functionality and other notification methods (voice, SMS, Email, Announcer) will continue to function. 


We will continue to support Mobile-911 through December 21, 2021, giving you time to plan a migration to our new products over this period.


Key Dates: 


March 16, 2020:    Mobile-911 no longer available for sale.


September 2020:  Apple annual update


NOTE: We anticipate that changes made by Apple to both device software and back-end services are likely to impact the functionality of Mobile-911 negatively. We will not make any Smartphone App or system updates to Mobile-911. Mobile-911 may continue to work after this time.


December 21, 2021:  End of Life. We will shut down Mobile-911 related services, specifically the cloud-based services required to transmit push notifications. 


WIN-911 appreciates and values our business relationship. We invite you to explore our NEW world-class products and technology enhancements designed to provide easy and reliable notification.


Please feel free to contact us at 512-326-1011, select option 2, with any questions.


We look forward to our continued relationship in the years and decades ahead.