1. WIN-911 Mobile Quick Start Guide

This document will cover the basic settings for getting started using the new WIN-911 Mobile app. 


WIN-911 Mobile requires version 4.19.17 or higher with an Interactive or Advanced software license. The WIN-911 Mobile app is not available on Version 7, but there is a path to migrate using the Version 7 Import Utility which is included with the WIN-911 software. 

NOTE: The WIN-911 mobile app does require a valid Software Maintenance and Support Agreement or WIN-911 Customer Care Subscription for the app to work.

If you wish to try the mobile application, you may download a demo and contact sales@win911.com or (512)326-1011 to set up a 30-day temporary gateway account. If you already have WIN-911 installed, you can locate your version number follow the image shown. 


A. How Does the Network Architecture Provide Security?

WIN-911 Mobile provides remote access to WIN-911 systems with iOS and Android mobile devices by leveraging Microsoft's Azure cloud services which provide a secure connection between WIN-911 system and mobile devices. 

WIN-911 Mobile requires a connection to the internet to access Azure cloud services. You have two options for deploying WIN-911 Mobile, standalone and distributed. A standalone deployment requires internet access on the system where WIN-911 is running. A distributed deployment makes use of the WIN-911 Mobile Hub which acts as a proxy to the Azure cloud services.


The full details of the WIN-911 Mobile for standalone and distributed installations are explained in the WIN-911 Mobile Security Knowledgebase article.

B. Installing the App (System Requirements)

WIN-911 Mobile supports internet connected phones and tablets running iOS 10.4 (or higher) or Android 5.1 (or higher). Android devices require Google Play services or Baidu (China) for push notification.

The WIN-911 Mobile application will have a silver backdrop and have the name WIN-911 Mobile.

C. Quick Demo of the App

If you would like to run a trial of the app without installing WIN-911, download the app and select "Use Demo". You will receive alarm notifications for 15 minutes from a demo server.  

The new WIN-911 Mobile App is displayed as such in the iOS and Play Store applications.


D. Install the WIN-911 Mobile Module

The WIN-911 Mobile app requires a new Mobile module that is selected during installation. 

If you do not have version 4.19.17 or higher of WIN-911, or if you do not have the Mobile module installed, you will need to download the software. You may also download the demo to try the mobile app. 

During the installation please ensure you do not install the older Mobile-911 module by mistake. Install the module that says Mobile shown here in green. 

Once WIN-911 is installed and the machine has been restarted, you will see Mobile with Gateway and Connections as its configurable options.

E. Step 1 - Registering the WIN-911 Mobile Gateway Account

Upon purchase of WIN-911, you will be provided with an account that allows your WIN-911 Mobile Gateway access to WIN-911 Mobile Cloud Services. Each Gateway account is unique to a WIN-911 installation; do not attempt to reuse an existing Gateway account.


If you have not purchased a license and would like to demo the mobile app with your demo installation of WIN-911, contact sales@win911.com or 512-326-1011 to set up a 30-day temporary Gateway account.  

The Gateway Account credentials issued by WIN-911 will include a temporary password that must be changed before access to WIN-911 Mobile Cloud Services is permitted. Change your password by logging in to https://login.microsoftonline.com.

NOTE: While the username resembles an email address, this username is not associated with any email inbox and cannot be used to send or receive an email. 

F. Password Reset

    1. Access https://login.microsoftonline.com in a web browser

    2. Enter the account credentials you were provided by WIN-911. 

      3. Enter a new password.

   4. You will be prompted to enter a phone number or email address should you need to recover your                  account.

        5. After you've entered either a phone number or an email address, your password will be reset and is                  ready for use with WIN-911.

G. Step 2 - Creating the WIN-911 Mobile Gateway 

The next step in the process is to configure the mobile gateway including the Site Name, Username and Password then validate your credentials. There is also a configuration video that will walk you through the process.

  • Site Name - A user-friendly name to identify the WIN-911 system
  • Username and Password - Email and password for the gateway account

After entering the information select Validate Credentials to test the gateway.

NOTE: WIN-911 Mobile has an optional feature to connect more than one site to a WIN-911 system. Instructions are available in the Multi-Site Connection Setup Knowledgebase article

H. Step 3 - Create a Mobile User in WIN-911

To create a connection, you will need an active email address owned by the WIN-911 Mobile App user. Navigate to Contact > Connections > WIN-911 Mobile to create new user accounts for the WIN-911 Mobile application. 


General Tab

  • Name - A user-friendly name to identify the Mobile User
  • Description - Description of the user if needed
  • Email Address - Enter a working email address owned by the Mobile User
  • Roles - Can be assigned and used to filter what alarms are available to your connections

I. Step 4 - Ack Options Tab

Here you have the option to Allow Acknowledgments or Do Not Allow for this individual connection.

NOTE: If your organization uses Office 365 or Microsoft accounts, it is recommended that those email addresses be used for creating a WIN-911 Mobile connection. This is because WIN-911 Mobile uses Microsoft Azure for authentication and it requires linking a Microsoft email to the registered Mobile user. If the email address provided is not already associated with a Microsoft account, it will become associated through the registration process described here. 


Upon saving a Connection, WIN-911 Mobile Cloud Services will automatically send a Get Started email to new users. You may resend this invitation at any time using the provided button on the Connection workspace. 


The email invitation will guide the user through a simple, online registration process that will create a password (if the address is not already associated with a Microsoft account) and prompt the user to accept required app permissions.  



After selecting accept you will be taken to the login screen for the Mobile Gateway. Sign-in to the Gateway and then open the WIN-911 Mobile App and sign in on your mobile device 



 NOTE: If the users changes the password for their email they must re-login to the WIN-911 Mobile App. 

J. Step 5 - User Account Password Management and Recovery 


Mobile users (Connections) can manage their own passwords and change them at any time through https://login.microsoftonline.com. Users will need to log in again to instances of the WIN-911 Mobile app, but no action is necessary in the WIN-911 Configuration. 


NOTEWIN-911 Site Administrators can manage their Gateway password online as well. Changes to this password will require reconfiguration of the WIN-911 Gateway and will disrupt alarm notification. WIN-911 Software does not manage this Gateway password; however, our Support team can reset the password to a new temporary password on request. 

K. Step 6 - Add the User to a Tactic 

The term tactic in WIN-911 refers to the list of users. Next, add any mobile users to the tactic. If you are not familiar with configuring Tactics and Strategies refer to the video explaining this process. 

  • Retries - Additional notification events
  • Delay Between Retries - Time between notification retry.
  • Delay After - Allow time for the user to address the alarm before moving onto the next contact. 

L. Step 7 - Create a Strategy 

The term Strategy in WIN-911 refers to the policies for starting, stopping and notifying users in the tactic. The alarms will point to a strategy, which will then point to the tactic. 

Stop Condition - Define the stopping condition for the Strategy by selecting one of the following options: alarm is acknowledged, inactive or terminal (acknowledged and inactive). 

When using the mobile app, it is required to turn on the Renotify on any state change. 

This will allow the mobile user to receive a notification with an icon next to the alarm if the status changes. 

M. Step 8 - Configure the SCADA Connection and Alarms 

The process for configuration and bringing alarms into WIN-911 varies by SCADA. Please refer to the following technical resources for help configuring the SCADA and alarms.

N. Step 9 - Login to the Mobile App 

Next, have each mobile user login to the system with their individual email configured in step 5 of this document.

O. Step 10: Using the App 

Watch the video for a full walkthrough of the WIN-911 Mobile App. WIN-911 Mobile Overview  

P. Step 11: Customizing Formats 

The WIN-911 Mobile app has customizable formats the user can easily select which details to display. The following instructions demonstrate how to configure alarm formats, but the configuration of report formats is very similar. When you are logged into the app select Settings then Alarm Details

Select the alarm details you wish to display and move them up or down the list. Select "Done" to save the changes.

P.1 How Do I Configure WIN-911 Mobile If My Machine Does Not Have Internet Access? 

The WIN-911 Mobile Hub provides connectivity in environments where the WIN-911 machine does not have direct internet access. The Mobile Hub is a bidirectional proxy that will handle the outbound connection to the internet and relay the data back to WIN-911. The hub is not required for all installation and is an optional feature. 


For more information review the Mobile Hub Setup Knowledgebase article or watch the Advanced Configuration Video

Q. Technical Resources 

Reference materials discussed in this document. 

    Q.1 Videos 

    Q.2 Knowledgebase Articles 

Technical Support


To create a support case, you will need either your Software Maintenance & Support Number / WIN-911 Customer Care Subscription Number or your Serial Number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.