The WIN-911 Mobile Hub provides connectivity in environments where the WIN-911 machine does not have direct internet access. The hub is not required for all installation and is an optional feature. 

For more information on WIN-911 Mobile, see CLICK HERE to see the Advanced Configuration video.

When the Mobile Hub is Required

The Mobile Hub is essentially a bidirectional proxy that will handle the outbound connection to the internet and relay the data back to WIN-911. The hub can be used to span an additional network layers in network environments where the WIN-911 machine does not have internet access. It can also aggregate multiple WIN-911 sites within the same network for simpler maintenance. For more information on security and the architecture of WIN-911 Mobile CLICK HERE.  


To install the Mobile Hub run the Mobile_Hub.exe file located in the Support folder of the installation media. 

Enter the username and password. This MUST be the same as the WIN-911 Service Account under which your WIN-911 runs. If the machines are not on the same domain, then domain trust must be established or the same credential set must be used for both accounts. The user MUST also be added to the local administrators group on this machine.


Continue through the prompts and finish the install. No other configuration or change is needed from the Mobile Hub side.

Point at this Hub machine from your WIN-911 Workspace settings. Opening the Hub application just shows the connected WIN-911 sites. 

Next, open your WIN-911 Workspace and go to the WIN-911 Mobile Gateway settings. Click "Enable" next to the Mobile Hub. Specify the name of the machine where you installed the Mobile Hub.


That's it, your WIN-911 Site will now route traffic through the Mobile Hub.

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Technical Support

To start a support case, you will need your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. to open a new support case or CLICK HERE contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x 3.