1. Multi-Site Connection Set up

A Mobile App user can receive alarms and interact with team members from multiple WIN-911 Sites. This article discusses the use of WIN-911 Mobile in such multi-site scenarios. WIN-911 Mobile allows all the following:

  • Customization of formats to include Site identifier.
  • Aggregation of alarms from each site in its summary screen.
  • Notifications for each site to be enabled/disabled.
  • Alarm requests against a specific site or against all sites.
  • Browsing of reports across all sites.

A. Multi-Site Overview

In this example you wish to monitor the Water Plant, Waste Water Plant and the Pumping Station with one single WIN-911 Mobile application. 

B. WIN-911 Configuration 

Each Site must be configured with a unique Site Name and a unique Gateway Account. Do not attempt to use the Gateway account associated with another site as this will likely impair notification and app functionality for both sites.

B.1 Water Plant

B.2 Waste Water Plant 

  B.3 Pumping Station 

C. Displaying Site Name in the App

The WIN-911 Mobile app allows users to customize the display of alarms and reports. In a multi-site scenario, users will likely want to turn on the display of the Site Name in order to discern the origin of an alarm. Each user has complete control over such formats from the settings menu in the WIN-911 Mobile app. The Site Name value displayed is configured within the Gateway object in WIN-911 Workspace for that site. Add the Gateway Name to the Alarm Summary.

Alarms across all sites appear in the device alarm summary.

D. Site Notifications

The WIN-911 Mobile app allows users to suspend notifications from a specific site. Each site in which the Connection username is configured appears in the app settings. If a user disables a site, they will not receive notifications from that site.

E. Alarm Requests

The WIN-911 Mobile app allows users to request alarms from all sites or from a specific site. When requesting alarms from a specific site, the user has the option to request alarms with specific Labels.


WIN-911 Mobile users can also browse and access reports across any of the sites in which they are configured.

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