This KB Article will guide you through the steps for removing a corrupted CodeMeter license container for WIN-911 Standard, Interactive or Advanced. A corrupted license means the buttons are grayed out to "Activate License" or "Remove License". Normally you would use the buttons to activate or remove the license.

Before proceeding you will need to know the CodeMeter serial number for the WIN-911 license container. This can be located by opening the CodeMeter Control Center via Windows Start Menu and selecting the license.


1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\runtime\bin. Hold the shift key and right-click inside the bin folder and select "Open command prompt window here".

Note: It helps if you right-click in an empty space within the explorer window. 

2. In the Command Prompt windows type the following command: cmu32 --delete-cmact-license --serial ####-##### and press enter.

Note: ####-###### is the serial number that we located earlier in CodeMeter Control Center

You will receive this response after pressing enter key and the license container will disappear from CodeMeter Control Center.

Results: You will notice now that our WIN-911 license container is removed.

3. You can add a new CodeMeter container by downloading the attached file at the bottom of this article (WIN-911 2017 Q1.wbb). Save the attached file to your desktop.

4. Drag & drop the WIN-911 2017 Q1.wbb file into the CodeMeter Control Center window.


You now have a new empty WIN-911 license container in the CodeMeter Control Center.

You can request to activate the license or request a demo extension. Please CLICK HERE to review our KB article on how to activate a WIN-911 license or if you have any questions on how to activate a WIN-911 license.

Technical support

To start a support case, you will need your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. CLICK HERE to open a new support case or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3.