1. Uninstalling WIN-911 

This KB Article will guide you through the steps on how to cleanly uninstall WIN-911 Standard, Interactive, Advanced. This is useful if you are experiencing issues with the WIN-911 SQL Database or if the computer-name was changed, maybe the computer was added to a domain, or the user account name was changed. These symptoms could potentially affect the integrity of WIN-911 and might require a fresh re-installation of WIN-911.

If you prefer to restore from database backup then we suggest to review the instructions on our Knowledgebase on How To Backup and Restore WIN-911.

A. Procedure

1. Log in to Windows with an administrator account.

2. Run EERemove.exe, this executable is located in the original WIN-911 installation files under the Tools folder. If you do not see EERemove.exe in Tools, you may have an older version. Check the Support folder. As of 4.20.5, we renamed EERemove.exe to WIN-911 Uninstaller.exe

NOTE: Before proceeding, be sure that EERemove.exe removed WIN-911 successfully. If EERemove Utiltiy hangs or stalls, it is recommended that the user exits the EERemove application from Task Manager and try again. 




3. Open Control Panel > Programs & Features

4. Select SQL Server 2014 (64 bit) via Control Panel > Programs & Features and click Uninstall/Change


Note: If you previously installed SQL Server 2017, then select Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (64-bit) instead. The rest of the instructions should remain the same.

5. Click Remove on the SQL Server 2014 or 2017 Window





6. On the Select Instance Window: Choose WIN-911 in the drop-down menu called Instance to remove features from and click Next.



7. On the Select Features Window select WIN-911, which should also highlight Database Engine Services, SQL Server Replication, and Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search.

NOTE: It's is not recommended to select Shared Features because this could potentially affect the SCADA installation.


8. On the Ready to Remove prompt – click Remove


        9. On the Complete Window - click Close to close the window.



10. Open Windows File Explorer and browse to C:\program files\Microsoft SQL Server folder.
- Then manually delete the MSSQL12.WIN911 folder

NOTE: The WIN-911 Enterprise configuration is saved to this folder by default. If you plan on restoring from backup, then we highly recommend to copy & paste this folder to a temp location before deleting this folder.




If you followed these steps correctly, you should have successfully uninstalled WIN-911 Enterprise. You can now safely install a fresh copy of WIN-911 Standard, Interactive or Advanced license. 

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.