A. Problem

WIN-911 V7 will sometimes not work as expected. Alarms will be seen in Scan and Alarms and Alarm Log Manager but will not be pushed out. The following are basic troubleshooting steps that can help solve this issue.

B. Procedure

Run System File Checker is a command in the DOS shell command prompt

Repair the WIN-911 V7 application.

Run the Troubleshoot compatibility for the Configurator and Scan and Alarms (the following steps are for Scan and Alarms but repeat the steps for the configurator).

Create another group in the Configurator to test out Phone book entry's notifications.

Click OK > Save > Exit out of the Configurator and Scan and Alarms, and then open them both backup

Additional Resources

If you have followed all of the steps successfully and are still experiencing issues, check out our Install checklist Start Here KB article.

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.