This article will discuss the steps required to make a connection to WIN-911 Standard, Interactive, or Advanced license using FactoryTalk A&E. It will also answer the question, "why am I not receiving alarms with FactoryTalk". 

The FactoryTalk A&E configuration process discussed in this article is demonstrated in this short 7-minute video CLICK HERE

Configuration Process

1. Purchase the FT A&E add on. This step is required for WIN-911 to connect to FT A&E and is completed by sales. 

2. Setup/Test connection to WIN-911 to FactoryTalk A&E. 

  • Name - identifies the connection to WIN-911.
  • Description - is an optional field to describe the connection.
  • Application Type - match the specific type of application to that of FactoryTalk
  • Application Name - This must match the FactoryTalk application name as it appears in FactoryTalk.
    •  For example this Application Name is FTViewDemo.

  • Test Connection - This button will validate the application, username and password.
  • Good Quality Events Only - Select to ignore bad or uncertain quality alarms.

3. Open Services and set the following multiplexers to “Local System”. 

  • Rockwell Directory Multiplexer
  • Rockwell Alarm Multiplexer
  • Rockwell Events Multiplexer 

   Note after setting the multiplexers, it may require restarting World Wide Web Publishing services or FactoryTalk. 

4. FactoryTalk A&E uses alarm subscriptions to bring alarms into WIN-911. Please note the text inside a filter is case sensitive.

  • Names
  • Class
  • Severity
  • Groups – NEW!!! available on software release 3.19.5 or later

    If you are not familiar with how to uses subscriptions, follow the instructions in this 9-minute video CLICK HERE.

5. Test your alarms using LogViewer. This is a troubleshooting tool that is included on any WIN-911 license. 

  • Start an alarm in FactoryTalk
  • Open logviewer and check for alarms
  • Did the alarm go to the strategy you expected? 
  • If no, then verify your subscriptions and subscription routes are correct. 
  • If the alarm appears in LogViewer and the Strategy says "Default" or "Notify All" this means all users in your WIN-911 configuration will be notified. If this behavior is not desired, then it is recommend to re-evaluated your subscriptions and routes. Verify there are not any typos and case sensitivity is correct. 

Technical support

To start a support case, you will need your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. CLICK HERE to open a new support case.