This document will help guide you through the steps for troubleshooting common TAPI modem questions.

How to check if the modem is install correctly

1. Verify that you have a direct phone line going into the TAPI modem without converters. Verify that there are no Digital to Analog converters or USB hubs, etc.

2. Confirmed the modem is listed in Windows Device Manager. You can also open the modem properties and enable logging on the diagnostic tab.

3. Test the line by plugging in a standard land line telephone to the TAPI line to confirm there is dial tone. Make a call to confirm there is no static on the line.

How to check for DTMF Issues

1. If you are experiencing a DTMF issue meaning we don't see any button presses or it is showing the wrong number e.g. 3 instead of a 4. Then work with the phone company (or reinstall drivers for TAPI modem). 

2. You can confirm if the modem is receiving DTMF tones by examining the log files in Windows Event Viewer or the Modem Diagnostic log in Device Manager.

3. You can enable Win-911 Debug logging for the Voice Module to determine if the Server is receiving DTMF tones. Please use this link for instructions on Enabling Debug Mode. 

4. You can test DTMF with standard land line telephone and make a call to an office that will let you press digits to dial an extension.

5. Check the phone type (iphone, android, etc), try it on another phone type and see if the issue exists. 

6. Make a test call into the WIN-911 system and confirm if you hear the alarm. Verify that you can enter the authorization code and acknowledge the alarm. If you can successfully acknowledge the alarm, then you know DTMF tones are working. If it doesn't work, then try reinstalling the TAPI modem drivers or contact the carrier.

If not a DTMF Issue

- Trigger an alarm and see if you can ack from the log viewer. If you can acknowledge alarm in log viewer then you need to debug voice. If you can not ack from log viewer then it is potentially SCADA permissions and this will be logged with an error.

- There should be an Windows Event log of the issue. Examine these and lead to the issue, for example these could be security, SQL permissions, etc. but they will be included in the log. Based on the testing in the previous step Win-911 will also have a record of what happened and if it is a voice problem.

- Another scenario that it could is an old alarm that is already terminal that is being called out. This will be available in the WIN-911 log files accessible in Windows Event Viewer.

 Will WIN-911 work with USB Hubs? 

Yes WIN-911 will work with Hubs, Digital to Analog (D/A) converters, etc., however this is another point of failure.When troubleshooting voice issues, it is best to isolate the problem. If possible remove the USB hubs/devices and retest the system to see if the problem persists.

Technical support

To start a support case, you will need your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. CLICK HERE to open a new support case or call toll free 512-326-1011 x3 in the US and Canada..