This can ONLY be completed on WIN-911 Interactive or Advanced license. You will need to edit the config files in Mobile-911 and WIN-911.



Use this Port on the provided in the app and configure it in the Mobile-911 Server Settings Manager. means WIN-911 will listen on all network interface cards. If you need to specify a NIC, then you can do that here. This is for the connection between the Mobile-911 apps and the Mobile-911 Server.

This is the default setting for where WIN-911 is located and what Port it is listening on. If WIN-911 and Mobile-911 Server are on the same machine, localhost is OK.



Next you can change the Port. This example says WIN-911 is now listening on port 59113.


Open this in Notepad - C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911 Enterprise\Mobile-911\WIN911.Notifier.Mobile911.Runtime.exe.config 



<add baseAddress="http://*:59109/Mobile911Bridge/Service/BridgeService"/>



Change 59109 to your desired port number and save the .config file and restart the WIN-911 Mobile-911 Runtime in Windows Services for the change to the .config file to take effect. WIN-911 will now be listening on 59113 and Mobile-911 Server will be pointing to WIN-911 on Port 59113. 

The default settings in WIN-911 assume Mobile-911 is on same server

Change the default port to the custom port (59114)

Open in Notepad - C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\Mobile-911 Server\Mobile911.Server.exe.config


<add baseAddress="http://localhost:59111/Mobile911Server/Service/" />


Change 59111 to 59114 and restart Mobile-911 V2.5 service in Windows Services


Here is a list of the default ports and changing them into custom ports:

Port 59112 -> 59115

Port 59111 -> 59114

Port 59109 -> 59113