Upgrades are essential to the new WIN-911 code base. If you are at a lower version of WIN-911 3.18.14 and below, it is imperative and recommended that you upgrade. New features and bug fixes are frequently released. The latest release notes are available on www.win911.com -> resources -> documentation -> system requirements.



  • This article applies only to the WIN-911 Standard, Interactive and Advanced Licenses. 

  • If the end user is active with WIN-911 technical support, there is no cost to update the software. To check if you are active with support, please contact Product Support at 512-326-1011. 

Optional pre-update


Upgrading the software revision is like completing an install. First go to our website using this link: https://www.win911.com/support/downloads-and-manuals-request/

Fill out the form for your information (name, SCADA, etc.)

The downloads for the newest version are split up based on your region in which you reside. If you are in the Americas, choose the download link under the Americas.

When you download and run, make sure to save your installation folder because there are programs that will help you in the future like EERemove.exe and ServiceActivator.exe.

Run the WIN-911 Install 


Make sure that you are using the correct computer name and local admin account for permissions purposes. 


Verify the SQL server instance is still good 


In the summary screen, select all modules that you need for your environmentThe upgrade will not negatively affect or delete any of your WIN-911 data. The upgrade will be made on top of all your information.


Upgrading is very important in the maintenance of your WIN-911 application. Here is the links to the release notes - https://win911na.blob.core.windows.net/files/Products/WIN-911/3.18.17/WIN-911_3_18_17-ReleaseNotes.pdf