WIN-911 does not recommend changing the computer name, once WIN-911 has been installed

This document will guide you through the steps on how to update Win-911 with the new computer name. In this guide we will change the computer name from \\base01 to \\Intouch_Playground

Prerequisite steps 

  • Stop the Win-911 Runtime Services
  • Stop the Win-911 IIS applications pools
  • Change the identity for the Win-911 services & app pools to the new computer name or use .\username if applicable.
  • Change the SQL identity in SQL Management Tools if the username has changed.
  • You can leave the SQL instance name the same. It’s the logical instance name.
  • In IIS you can right click on the server name where you can rename it.

Changing the configuration files for Inet

  • Path: Inetpub > wwwroot > module name\ web.config
  • Open the Web.config file for each Application Pool in Notepad and update the configuration string to the new computer name.

  • You will also need to update the InitalizeDatabase.exe.Config file located in the Email Bin Folder.
  • Path: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Email\bin


Note: You only need to change the server name. The Database name can stay the same.

Update the identity for the Win-911 application pools and Win-911 runtimes

Please see Knowledge Base article for instructions: How to update the username & password for Win-911 Server.

Changing the configuration files for win-911 runtimes

  • Update the configuration files for the Win-911 Workspace, Dispatch, Log Viewer located in the Dispatch folder, along with Voice Module.

  • The steps are similar to what we used for editing the Application Pools Web.Config files, however in this case, we are editing the Runtime.exe.config files
    Note: You only need to change the server name. The Database name can stay the same.
  • Listed below are the Paths & Filenames
  • Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911 Enterprise
  • Filename: WIN-911 Workspace.exe.config

  • Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911 Enterprise\Dispatcher
  • Filename: WIN911.Dispatcher.Runtime.exe.Config

  • Filename: WIN911.Log.Viewer.exe.config. 

  • Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911 Enterprise\Voice
  • Filename: WIN911.Notifier.Voice.Runtime.exe.config


  • Start the Application Pools & Win-911 Services
  • Run the Win-911 Module mapper and save the mappings.
  • Module mapper will still show the old computer name which is ok. This is the logical instance name.
  • Restart services again after saving the module mapping.

Note: You can check the SQL SeviceInformationEntities table for confirmation. Right click on the table name and select the top 1000 rows.

If you are still experiencing a problem, please submit Support Ticket or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3