1. How to Change the WIN-911 Computer Name

WIN-911 does not recommend changing the computer name, once WIN-911 has been installed

This document will guide you through the steps on how to update Win-911 with the new computer name. In this guide, we will change the computer name from \\base01 to \\Intouch_Playground

A. Prerequisite steps 

  • Stop the Win-911 Runtime Services
  • Stop the Win-911 IIS applications pools
  • Change the identity for the Win-911 services & app pools to the new computer name or use .\username if applicable.
  • Change the SQL identity in SQL Management Tools if the username has changed.
  • You can leave the SQL instance name the same. It’s the logical instance name.
  • In IIS you can right-click on the server name where you can rename it.

B. Changing the configuration files for Inet

  • Path: Inetpub > wwwroot > module name\ web.config

  • Open the Web.config file for each Application Pool in Notepad and update the configuration string to the new computer name.

  • You will also need to update the InitalizeDatabase.exe.Config file located in the Email Bin Folder.
  • Path: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Email\bin


NOTEYou only need to change the server name. The Database name can stay the same.

2. Update the identity for the Win-911 application pools and Win-911 runtimes

Please see the Knowledge Base article for instructions on how to update Usernames and Passwords.

A. Changing the configuration files for win-911 runtimes

  • Update the configuration files for the Win-911 Workspace, Dispatch, Log Viewer located in the Dispatch folder, along with Voice Module.

  • The steps are similar to what we used for editing the Application Pools Web.Config files, however, in this case, we are editing the Runtime.exe.config files

NOTEYou only need to change the server name. The Database name can stay the same.

  • Listed below are the Paths & Filenames
  • Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911 Enterprise
  • Filename: WIN-911 Workspace.exe.config

  • Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911 Enterprise\Dispatcher
  • Filename: WIN911.Dispatcher.Runtime.exe.Config

  • Filename: WIN911.Log.Viewer.exe.config. 

  • Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911 Enterprise\Voice
  • Filename: WIN911.Notifier.Voice.Runtime.exe.config

  • Start the Application Pools & Win-911 Services
  • Run the Win-911 Module mapper and save the mappings.
  • Module mapper will still show the old computer name which is ok. This is the logical instance name.
  • Restart services again after saving the module mapping.

NOTE: You can check the SQL SeviceInformationEntities table for confirmation. Right-click on the table name and select the top 1000 rows.

Technical Support


To create a support case, you will need either your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.