We are often asked if Win-911 Log Viewer can run on a remote computer. The good news is "Yes" that it can run on a remote computer. However, the steps are not user-friendly which means this Knowledge Base Article is for internal use only.


This document will refer to “Log Viewer machine” as the location where Log Viewer is remotely installed and the original WIN-911 installation as “WIN-911 machine” 

  • The Log Viewer machine must meet the minimum system requirements, which are verified during the first part of a WIN-911 installation. Copy the installation files from the WIN-911 machine over to the Log Viewer machine. Note the installation files are what you downloaded from

  • Next run the WIN-911 install.exe file on the LogViewer machine, but stop and cancel the installation once the WIN-911 user agreement appears asking to Accept/not accept.

Steps to run the installer 

1. Start the install.

2. Enable features.

3. When prompted for SQL install, select other instance.

4. Install CodeMeter Control Center and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files.

5. You will receive the prompt to accept the license agreement. This is where you will cancel the install.

6. Copy the dispatcher folder from the original WIN-911 machine over to the Log Viewer machine and run the Log Viewer executable file located in the in the dispatcher folder. If the default installation location was used, then the dispatcher folder is found in the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911 Enterprise\Dispatcher

7. On the Remote Log Viewer computer, we recommend creating a new folder under C:\Program Files (x86\Win-911 Software\Win-911 Enterprise, and then copied the Dispatch folder to the \Win-911 Enterprise folder.

The Remote Log Viewer machine must be able to login to SQL using the same account credentials as the original WIN-911 machine. For this we will add a user to SQL to have read/write access to the SQL server.

Here are the steps to create a SQL User and grant them permissions

1. Open SQL Management Studio Tools and login to Win-911 Database
2. Go to Security > Logins

3. Right click on Logins and select New login.

4. The search button will let you add any user on your domain.

5. Switch to Server Roles and grant the user sysadmin privileges.

In order for the Remote Log Viewer to acknowledge Alarms you will need to open the configuration file on the Remote Log Viewer computer and edit the endpoints to the Win-911 server.

Here are the steps to edit the configuration file

1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\WIN-911 Software\WIN-911 Enterprise\Dispatcher

2. Edit WIN911.Log.Viewer.exe.config in notepad.

3. Edit the endpoint address to point to the Win-911 server.

Note: It will most likely say localhost and it will need to be changed to the IP address of the Win-911 server.


You will now be able to open Log Viewer on a remote computer and connect to the Win-911 server. You confirm your remote Log Viewer is working when see the status as Active