Integrating WIN-911 with the iFIX Direct Connect, in particular, iFIX 5.8 R2 SP2, during configuration or runtime, the WIN-911 WPF host crashes during import or acknowledgement.


With the release of iFIX 5.8 R2 SP2, the integration with WIN-911 requires that iFIX has the latest SIMs installed, in particular, the SIMs for Alarming and EDA. The two underlying issues that occur with users are:

  • WIN911_Source_iFIX_Runtime_WPFHost.exe crashes on the acknowledgement of alarms
  • WIN-911 is unable to browse for iFIX Blocks in WIN-911's import section
  • WIN_Source_iFIX_Runtime_WPFHost.exe crashes on import or browse of alarms


Install the latest SIM's listed below for EDA and Alarming. Please ensure that the SIMs are applied to all nodes within a system. Links for the required SIMs are below. You will need to enter your GE Customer Login information. 

iFIX58_Alarming_004 - Click Here

iFIX58_EDA_001 - Click Here

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