The introduction of WIN-911 Advanced/Standard/Interactive brought with it a new design in notification. The use of Tactics and Strategies gives operators a robust application in notifying in the event of an alarm. However, not every system needs such a diverse plan for notification. Basic Tactics allow users to easily create and manage a simplified call-out list.

    Suppported License Level

  • Standard
  • Interactive 
  • Advanced

In the following section, we will review how to create and maintain a Basic Tactic.

Creating a Basic Tactic

Open the WIN-911 configuration from Start>WIN-911>WIN-911 Configuration, or by hitting your "Windows" icon on your keyboard and search for WIN-911.

With the GUI open, navigate to Notification>Tactics>Basic. With the GUI open, you will see an explorer pane on the left side of the screen. This is where all your Basic Tactics will be available to edit and where to add more Basic Tactics. 

Click the "add" icon to create a new Basic Tactic.

With the work space open, you will see several options available to configure

Name: User-defined name of the Basic Tactic

Description: User-defined description of the Basic Tactic

Delay Before Notification: The amount of time delayed before beginning processing the list

Repeats: How many time the list will repeat note: if the Stop Strategy condition is met, the list will stop

Callout List: The list in which will get notified in the event of an alarm

        1. Additional users can be added to the list using the "add" icon

        2. Selected connections will be copied and added to the list using the "copy" icon

        3. Selected connections can be moved up and down using the "arrow" icon

        4. Selected connections can be deleted using the "trash" icon

To add users to the list, begin by clicking the "add" icon. That will bring up the "Select Connections" window.

    Select Connection: List of every available connection in your configuration

        Connection: The connection's user-defined name

        Type: An icon describing the type of connection (Voice, SMS, Mobile-911,E-Mail)

        Description: The connection's user-defined description

        Connection String: The connections notification string (phone #, Mobile-911 device ID, email address)

        Can Acknowledge: if empty, the user cannot acknowledge, if filled, the user can acknowledge (can be changed under the connections definition>Ack Options)

        Roles: The connections user-defined role, if defined with one

    Retries: In the event of an unsuccessful notification, the system will retry the defined amount of times

    Delay Between Retries: With 1 or more retries defined, you can define the amount of delay before the system retries

    Delay After Connection: This will wait the defined time before it moves to the next connection

By clicking the "check" icon on the bottom right, you will add any selected connection, and assign them the defined "Retries" and "Delays". With a connection(s) added, your work space will look like something the below image. 

With the desired users and delays in your Basic Tactic, you can save your changes and continue to editing Strategies

Maintaining Basic Tactic

The WIN-911 Configuration can be a bit daunting to some users, so a tip for operators who wish to simply have access to the call out list, is to create a shortcut to the Basic Tactic work space. The easiest method is to simply go back to the WIN-911 configuration and right-click and copy, then paste it to your Windows Desktop.

Right click on the new Desktop icon and select "Properties," this will bring up the "General" tab, from there you can name it something that will indicate what it is. Next, click the "Web Document" tab to change the web address. Open the original WIN-911 Configuration>navigate to the Basic Tactics work space>Right-click the web address>paste into the "URL" field under the "Web Document" tab. If you wanted to make it a bit more clear, you can be inclined to click "Change Icon" to make it more noticeable to users.

Apply the changes, and now you will have a page that goes directly to the Basic tactics work space. Remember that this can be implemented to any of the work spaces


With your Basic Tactics configured, you can now continue configuration and create a Strategy. If you are still experiencing a problem, or have any additional questions please submit Support Ticket or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3