Decision Blocks provide users with a method of branching notifications based off of a simple question. If it meets the requirements, the logic will branch to the right, if it does not, it will branch to the left. A combination of questions and methods can be utilized in a single Tactic to reach the desired goal.

This article will delve into a potential scenario where you can utilize the Label Decision Block in a Tactic and Strategy with minimal configuration

Label Decision Block

The Label Decision Block will branch based off of the Label the alarm is associated with. If the active alarm has an attached label, it will branch right, if it does not, it will branch left. This method is extremely useful in simplifying a larger configuration. 


Systems with larger data sets tend to have a more arduous time in creating and managing their configuration. With that in mind, utilization of the Label Blocks can help simplify what the user is attempting to configure. In this particular case, the user requests that every alarm within the "Blister Lift #5" area of their plant go to the that area's water operators crew, every other alarm will go to the supervisors. 

note: Before configuring the Tactic, you must create and attach the "Blister Lift #5" Label to every alarm that you want to go to the water crew. Do the same thing and create and attach "3C Water Operator" and "3C Water Supervisor" to the appropriate connections. 

The above Tactic will examine the event and ask if the alarm has the attached Label and respond accordingly. In the Strategy, the Initial Event should start the Tactic above, while the rest of the conditions and stop policies are user defined.


Remember that this example can be applied to a number of different scenarios over different Blocks. If you are experiencing a problem, or have additional questions, please submit Support Ticket or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3