WIN-911 introduces the new concept of Labels, a way of categorizing and developing logic for your configured alarms. The Label setting is user-defined and not required to configure, it is used to simplify Tactic configuration and adds a level of convenience for adding new alarms.   In the following document, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Creating a Label
  • Configuration
  • Implementation

With this information, you will a better understanding of how to efficiently utilize this new feature of WIN-911.

Creating a Label

Opening the WIN-911 GUI, you can navigate to Alarming>Labels to bring up the Labels work space. In the below example, we have several Labels already configured. Create a new Label by clicking the add icon on the bottom left. Creating a new Label will open the "General" settings:

The settings include:

Name: User-defined name of the Label

Description: A description of the Label (optional)

Foreground Color: The color of the text defined in the "Name" field

Background Color: The banner color that wraps around the "Name" text

The purpose of Labels is to help categorize and organize alarms into Tactics and Strategies. Once a Label is created, you can continue to attach them to your alarms.


As you import or configure new alarms, you will notice some user defined attributes available to configure, but for the purpose of this subject, we will stick with Labels. In this example, we are under Alarming>OPC DA>Alarms, this is where we add the Labels that we have just created. By clicking the add icon to the right of the "Item Labels" Field, a window will bring up a bank of all available Labels

Multiple Labels can be configured for any single alarm. Clicking the add icon will bring up the below window, from there, you can shift click multiple selections, or click the top left check box to select all Labels. With your current selections, click the check mark icon to add them to the tag.

Any number of Labels can be attached to any defined alarm or tag, but once they are created and attached, it is the implantation in the Tactic that makes Labels what they are.


With your Labels created, you can now utilize them in your Tactic, for more information on tactics, visit our knowledge-base article on Getting Start: Tactics. Navigating to Notification>Tactics>Advanced will bring up the Tactic work space. Begin the Tactic by dragging and dropping the "Label" Decision Block in the the work space timeline.

Click on the Label Block to bring bring up the edit window. Click on the middle edit icon to bring up the library of available labels

Each Label Block can have one label attached to it, once selected, click the check mark icon to continue.

With the desired label selected, you will notice that the icon branches to a left and right, for this particular Decision Block, you will ask if the alarm is, or is not, attached with the defined Label. In the below example, the logic is asking if the alarm that just came into WIN-911 is attached with the Fresh Water 3C Label that we had created earlier.

If the alarm does contain that Label, send a Mobile-911 message to Ben, if it is not, send an E-Mail to Conor. This principal can be applied to multiple Blocks in your Tactic. 


Labels are a way of simplifying a group or set of alarms, that makes it easy to add and delete to your current configuration. For systems with larger data sets, the only requirement for importing or adding alarms to WIN-911, is to make sure they are configured with the correct Label. With the right Label in place, rather than having to manipulate current Tactics, the alarms will fall into place and notify people they are supposed to. If you are experiencing a problem, or have additional questions, please submit a Support Ticket or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3