When launching the WIN-911 3.16.23 InTouch Source Runtime, you receive the following error in Windows Event Viewer, "Unable to fetch all Tags. Please confirm that your Application Server is available. It will be necessary to restart the runtime in order to recieve alarms."

The previous release, WIN-911 3.16.20 did not have this issue. 


If a user imports only discrete InTouch tags, you will receive the error. Once a user receives the error, WIN-911 will not receive any alarms, even if using Subscriptions. 


  1. Replace the InTouch Runtime.exe with a newer copy which is available here,
    1. A code change has been made to resolve the issue. It will be available in the next update of the InTouch module
    2. If you give this exe to a user, please make a note of it so we can update them when a new version of WIN-911 is available. They may have upgrade issues due to the new version number of the exe. 
  2. Import at least 1 analog tag, the issue will go away. 
  3. Use only Subscriptions