WIN-911 allows you to configure and run as a Window Service. Below is a guide on how to setup the WIN-911 Service, along with tips and tricks.

WIN-911 supports running as a service with the following data sources

  • OPC
  • FactoryTalk Alarm & Events
  • Archestra/System Platform (note: if your Galaxy is configured with Windows-Authentication, the service must run as an authenticated user)
  • iFix (note: iFix will also needs to run as a service)
  • DDE

WIN-911 does NOT support running as a service with the following data sources


    To enable running as a service, click on the Options icon


    With the Options open, click on the Initialization tab. There you will find the check-box to "Start Runtime as a Service". Checking the box directly below labeled "Allow Non-Admin Service Restarts" will allow a non-administrator to stop and start WIN-911 when it is running as a Window's service.

This will only set the WIN-911 Service Wrapper to Automatic, it will not run until you reboot the machine or start it manually. To get it running as a service without having to reboot the machine, simply navigate to your Local Services and locate the "WIN-911 Service Wrapper" highlight it, then click "Start" from the left pane. 

note: If this is for System Platform/Archestra, and you have Windows-Authenticated security defined within your Galaxy, the "Log On As" will to be defined as a Windows Authenticated user as well

note: The "WIN-911 viewLinc Bridge" Service only affects users connected to the viewLinc SCADA, you have the option of disabling if you want to

    Important Notes

    When running WIN-911 as a service, you CANNOT launch Scan & Alarm anymore, it will open up two instances of WIN-911 and cause data source and hardware conflicts. WIN-911 will continue to run in the background, but you will have to use the WIN-911 Alarm Log Manager to view events. 

    It is recommended that when running WIN-911 as a service, that you un-check the box "Display alarms in Alarm Monitor" from the Group Definition, this will need to be done on a group by group basis. Doing so circumvents any conflicts with Windows background and foreground processes, preventing a potential crash. 


If you are experiencing a problem, or have any questions, please submit Support Ticket or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3