1. Setting up Phone-Book

All WIN-911 users are defined in the Phone Book, along with their contact methods, access codes, and schedule assignments. The below section will highlight how to configure a user, along with tips and tricks on configuring WIN-911

APhone Book Definition

By clicking on the Phone Book icon, a window showing all available operators will appear. If this is a new configuration, there will be a blank window. Here, you can edit existing operators, or create new.

It is recommended that these be unique from other the other users). 

Clicking New will open up a Name Definition. You can enter the user's name in the field marked Name. If you are utilizing a Voice connection, you can also define the Name Sound. All users require an Access Code and an Acknowledge Code.

Click New to create a new notification method or double-click an existing connection to edit it. Doing either will bring up the Connection Definition screen. 

The Connection is what particular notification method you are going to configure, WIN-911 offers the following:

  • Alpha Pager - Utilizes a paging service to send alpha-numeric pages(note: requires additional hardware, dedicated analog phone-line)
  • Voice - a phone call requiring users to enter their Access Code to access alarms, and entering in your Acknowledge Code to ack the alarm (note: requires additional hardware, dedicated analog phone-line)
  • Voice Pager - Alarms will be dialed out to a telephone number. When the line is answered, WIN-911 will announce the current alarms and hang up.(note: requires Dialogic card, dedicated analog phone-line)
  • Numeric Pager - Utilizes a paging service to send numeric pages (note: requires additional hardware, dedicated analog phone-line, does not support alpha characters)
  • Local Alpha Pager - Using a local paging hub, you can send alpha-numeric pages to its included pagers. 
  • E-Mail - Requires an SMTP server to send E-Mail notifications
  • Dial-out Announcer - Will dial a number and announce an alarm, normally used for a PA system or dial in radio (note: requires additional hardware, dedicated analog phone-line)
  • SMS Message - Sends an SMS message including an alarm ticket number that can be responded to, and acknowledged (note: requires additional hardware)
  • Mobile-911 - WIN-911's smartphone application. Find information on how to complete set up in thi

With a connection defined, you have the opportunity of adding delays if you should so choose to.  

  • Number of retries - If the event remains unacknowledged, the notification will occur again
  • Between Retries -  To add a delay between the notification retry
  • Between same connection type - This delay will delay the notification to the next user of the same connection, e.g. Voice to Voice, or E-Mail to E-Mail

With users created inside your WIN-911 Phone-Book, you can now add them to your Group Definition

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.