1. V7: FactoryTalk Quick Start

This guide is for connection WIN-911 V7 to FactoryTalk View SE with HMI tags. The WIN-911 SE Direct Connect provides integration with a FactoryTalk View SE Client using HMI tags. In using the SE Direct Connect, WIN-911 will link to a running FT Client (both need to run on the same machine/session), providing a seamless and dynamic transfer of alarms to WIN-911. Due to the nature of the WIN-911 Direct Connects, tags are dynamic, meaning the defined alarm set points from within the SCADA, will carry over into the WIN-911 run-time.

WIN-911 FactoryTalk View SE Direct Connect supports the following features:

  • Alarm import
  • Analog tags
  • Digital tags
  • Watchdogs
  • Re-connection if data link is lost
  • Alarm Bypass
  • Dial-out Override

WIN-911 FactoryTalk View SE Direct Connect does not support the following features:

  • Running as a Service
  • Networked connection
  • ALARM OFF command from FactoryTalk View
  • SUPPRESS command from FactoryTalk View
  • Filters tags
  • 411 Reports
  • Data Pokes

The below sections will discuss how to export tags from FactoryTalk Studio, import tags into WIN-911, and how to connect directly to a FactoryTalk SE Client.

A. Exporting tags from FT Studio

The first step in configuring the SE Direct connect is to export your alarm tags from FT Studio. With FT Studio open, navigate to Tools and select Tag Import and Export Wizard.

Make the selection that you want to Export FactoryTalk View tag database to CSV files. Click next to continue.

The Project Type will be Site Edition, and you will need to browse for your FT Project's *.SED file, click next to continue.

You will need to export both Tags and Alarms .CSV files, as WIN-911 will cross-reference the two files and import only tags that have alarms associated with them. Make sure you note where the files are being saved. Click finish, and continue to the Importing alarm tags into WIN-911 section.

B. Importing alarm tags into WIN-911

Before importing, it is important to note that WIN-911 will notify only on unacknowledged events. If a tag goes into alarm, and the alarm then clears, but that alarm was never acknowledged, that alarm will still notify. In the event that you do not need to be notified when the unacknowledged alarm clears, you can set your tag to auto acknowledge On Return To Normal. This can be done on a tag by tag basis, or a setting can be changed so that any tag you import, will import with this feature. Remember that this setting is optional if you wish to skip this, continue to the RSView SE Export File section.

From your Configurator, click on the Options Definition icon on the far right.

Select the Advanced tab on the far right, and check the box that states Auto Ack on Return to Normal. With this setting, any tags you import will now auto acknowledge when the alarm returns to normal. 

    NOTE: this is optional, and will ONLY auto-ack NON-active alarms, or normal events.

C. RSView SE Export Files

After creating the alarms and tags .CSV files from FT Studio, open up your Configurator to import.

Click File>Import>RSView Imports>RSView SE

Once selected, a window will appear with several options. First, you will need to browse for your Tags.CSV file. Once found, you can check the box for Automatic File Name Filtering which will insert the same path, except it will insert the Alarms.CSV, since they should have been saved in the same place, with the same name.

D. RSView SE Project

Under the RSView SE Project section of the tag import, you can define the Area Name for your project, this section fills in automatically, but if you are unsure, the Area name can be found in FT Studio.

You are also given two options. Use Area for Tag Name Prefix will append the area name to the beginning of the tag, and Use Area to Generate Access Name, which will use the defined Area name, as the user-defined access name for this particular data source in WIN-911. 

Once you click OK on the import, a window will pop open, showing you all the available tags to import. To import, simply click Select All or highlight individual tags and click Add, this will transfer them to the bottom window, you can then click Apply to complete the import. 

Tag import allows you to associate tags with different WIN-911 Groups on the fly, rather than having to go and edit tags on a one by one basis. To do so:

1. Select the tags that you want to import and click add, this will transfer them to the bottom window.

2. In the red box below, under Group Name, type in the name of the group or select one that is already available.

3. When you have the tags that you want and the desired group name, click apply.

If you get the below error on a new configuration, the most likely cause is that the tags you are importing do not have alarms associated with. You can confirm either in FT Studio, or by opening the Alarm.CSV file.

With alarm tags imported, you can now test the connection to see if alarms successfully come through in WIN-911. Do so by launching your FT Client as well as WIN-911's Scan & Alarm. With both of them launched, trigger an alarm in FT and confirm it in your FT Client's HMI Alarm Summary, if it is recognized in the FT Client Summary, but does not appear in the WIN-911 Alarm Monitor, follow our SE Troubleshooting Guide to resolve the issue.

Or you continue configuration by creating and adding Phone Book operators into your import groups.

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.