With WIN-911 V7, the delays for alarming are set within the phone book entry for the users and for the group that these users are in. 

Each individual user can have delays set for the time before retries and between the next connection type(the next user in the contact list on your group definition).

In the following section we will discuss the delays, and how they are configured through:

  • Phone-Book Delays
  • Group Delays
  • Visual Example

In the example images that follow we have a total of 5 users, with three configured to receive alarms with delays, with explanations for each delay

Configuring Phone Book Delays

     You can find these delays through your phone book definitions > select the user you want to edit, hit edit > select edit again. It is important to note that each alarm type (email, sms, voice, etc) has its own alarm queue. For this example we will be using email.

    The number of retries designates how many time WIN911 will attempt to notify using the chosen notification type

    The Between Retries field is the amount of time WIN911 will wait before the next notification attempt for this user.

    The Between Same Connection Type field is the time between the last notification for the current user in the list and the next person on the list using the same connection/notification type.

    Below we have an example user,  the delay between retries and between connection type can be set to minutes or seconds and are independent from the delay settings for other users.


Configuring Group Delays

The Group Delays can be found from the Group Definitions by selecting the Contact Delay Tab. 

    Delay Before determines how long Win-911 will wait before alarming out  to the first person on the list.

    Delay After determines how long Win-911 will wait after it has contacted everyone in the contact list before starting to dial out from the top of the list again.

    Visual Alarm Example With Delays

    In the following example we have a visual representation of an alarm coming in using the delays we configured in both the users and the group.

    The initial 5 minute delay was set for 5 minutes in the group so the emails will not start being sent until that amount of time has passed. Once the emails begin, Win-911 will process the retry amount, retry delays and delay between for each user before it moves on to the next. 

    Our users for this example all have a one minute delay before retry with a three minute delay between same connection type. User1 and User3 have only one retry set while User2 has two retries. After all users in the list have received their notification and the alarm remains unacknowledged, the delay after will process and the system will delay the allotted amount of time before starting the notifications again, this will repeat until the alarm is acknowledged.


        When setting up delays its important to remember that each user gets there own number of and time between delays. In order to get the notification list to reprocess you must have a Delay After set in your group definition, and each group you have has its own delay settings. All of the delay settings can be set to either seconds or minutes. For information and instruction on setting up a contact list with two notification methods click here

        If you are still experiencing a problem, please submit Support Ticket or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3.