1. Understanding Notification Delays in WIN-911 V7

Notification delays are configured in two different locations within the Configurator: Phone Book and Group Definition. This article will explain how to configure the different types of delays and will explain how those delays are used.

A. Configuring Phone Book Delays

Open the WIN-911 Configurator > Phone Book Definitions > Edit the User > Then Edit the Connection. You should now be on the Connection Definition Window.

Each Connection will have its own set of delays: Between Retries and Between Same Connection Type. The Between Retries delay is enabled only if you have a Retry defined

  • Number of Retries: Designates how many times WIN-911 will retry if there is a failure. A retry will not occur on a successful attempt. If you have two retries defined, there could be a total of 3 notification attempts - the initial attempt and two retry attempts.
  • Between Retries: The amount of time WIN-911 will wait before executing a Retry if this notification attempt fails.
  • Between Same Connection Type: The time WIN-911 will wait between executing this notification and the next notification in the Contact List of the Group Definition, with the same notification type. This is the delay that needs to be defined if you are trying put a delay between notifications for each contact.

Before you can fully understand how the Between Same Connection Type behaves we must discuss the Group Definition and the Contact List.

The image below shows an example of Connection Definition, the delay between retries and between connection type can be set to minutes or seconds and are independent of the delay settings for other users.

This is an example user

B. Configuring Group Delays

Open the WIN-911 Configurator > Group Definitions > Edit the Group > Then select the Contact List tab. 

The Contact List tab has an Available Name List and a Selected Name List.

  • Available Name List: This list shows all the Contacts you have defined in the Phone Book.  Each Contact could have multiple Connections defined (e.g. SMS, Email, Voice, etc.)
  • Selected Name List: This list shows the Contacts that will be notified for this Group. When an alarm is triggered the list will be executed, starting from the top. Before the Call List is started, WIN-911 checks to see if there are any Delays configure on the Group Contact List.

Now move to the Contact Delays tab. The Group Contact Delays are split into two sections: Delays before and after processing Voice calls & Delays before and after processing the Pager, SMS, Email and/or Mobile-911.

  • Delay Before:  Determines how much time WIN-911 will wait before notifying the first Voice call in the list or the first Pager, SMS, Email or Mobile-911 in the list.  This tells you that although you have a single Selected Names List, it works in two separate queues, one for Voice and one for all other notifiers.
  • Delay After:  Determines how long WIN-911 will wait after it has contacted everyone in the Selected Name List before looping back to the top of the Selected Name List and repeating the list.  A Delay After defined with 0 will only go through the Selected Name List once and stop at the last contact. Anything defined greater than zero will repeat the list after that given amount of time, and will continue to repeat the list until the alarm is acknowledged. Since there are two separate Delays, you can decide to repeat Voice but not text notifications or you can decide to repeat Text notifications and not Voice or you can repeat both.  

NOTE: The Delay After is not after each Contact in the Selected Name List, it is the delay after the whole Contact List.


If you are trying to define delays between each user you have in the Selected Name list, you will do that on each Connection defined in the Phone Book, as described in the first section. The setting Between Same Connection Type in the Connection Definition window determines how much time WIN-911 will wait before moving on to notify the next person, with the same connection type in the Selected Name List.


When setting up delays it is important to remember that each Contact can have one or more Connections defined (e.g SMS, Voice, Email, multiple email addresses). Each Connection has its own delay which determines how much time WIN-911 should wait before moving on to the next notification method of the same type. The Selected Name list determines what Contact or Connection is next. You can use Group Contact Delays to delay the initial notification or you can use them to loop through the Selected Name list if the alarm is not Acknowledged by the time the last connection has been notified.

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.