If WIN-911 and FactoryTalk do not properly interface after installing an update to FactoryTalk, follow this article to resolve the issue.


The RSView SE Direct Connect has a unique application that runs between FactoryTalk and Scan & Alarm to provide a bidirectional interface called WIN-911 Bridge Service.  When WIN-911 installs, the installer checks for a FactoryTalk Server installation and if found, it amends XML initialization files with instructions to launch the WIN-911 Bridge Service. FactoryTalk Studio and FactoryTalk Clients read these XML files during their startup procedure and subsequently launch the WIN-911 Bridge Service. When you install an update to FactoryTalk, these XML files are overwritten which means the WIN-911 Bridge Service will no longer launch with a FactoryTalk Client or Studio. In order to resolve this issue, we must amend XML files on the FactoryTalk Server to include the instructions to launch the WIN-911 Bridge Service


We've included an executable, XMLRSView.exe, which when run, automatically adds the necessary edits to the FactoryTalk XML files.You can locate the executable in the WIN-911 installation directory here, C:\Program Files (x86)\Specter Instruments\WIN-911 V7\Tools\. Run this executable on the computer running the FactoryTalk Server. When run, you may see a window quickly flash on the screen. You must now either restart the FactoryTalk Server machine or restart the FactoryTalk Services. You can do this with the SE Service Manager located here, Start -> All Programs -> Rockwell Software -> FT View -> Tools -> SE Service Manager. Hit Stop and then Start, now restart the FactoryTalk Client on the machine running WIN-911. During the client startup sequence, you should see a line indicating it is starting the WIN-911 Bridge Service.


If you are still experiencing an issue with connectivity between WIN-911 and FactoryTalk, please submit a support request or contact Product Support at 512-326-1011 x3 or toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-331-8740 x3