NOTE: These instructions may not work in operating systems newer than Windows XP and Server 2003.

It is possible using default installed Windows console programs to setup a local LPT Port to target a shared printer anywhere on a network for the WIN-911 Alarm Printer. Follow these steps:



    1. Go to the system with the printer and get or assign the printer a shared name. Also note the name of the computer (both names should always be alphanumeric only and not contain space characters!)

    2. Open a copy of Notepad.exe and open the “PRINTER.BAT” file found in the WIN-911 \Tools\ folder (you will have to change file type to “All Files”).

    3. On the third line edit the computer_name so that it matches the computer name where the printer is shared.

      E.g. net view \\Server3

    4. On the fourth line edit the LPT# to match the LPT port number you want to use, the computer_name to match your computer name where the printer is shared, and edit the shared_printer_name to match the shared printer name on that system.
      For example: net use LPT1 \\Server3\LOCALMATRIX /Persistent:Yes

    5. Save the “PRINTER.BAT” file and run it to make the printer local.

    6. To verify that the connection was successful, using your computer_name, from a command prompt use this command:

      net view \\computer_name

    7. To test that the printer has been successfully configured by printing output from the DOS directory command, using your LPT port number, at command prompt use this command:

      dir > lpt1
      :Note: Small directory listings won’t have enough information to fill a page buffer if you are not using a line printer, so you might have to repeat this a couple of times to get a page to actually print.

    8. To remove the LPT port redirection, using your LPT port number, use the command: net use LTP1 /Delete


The following is an example of a batch file printout:


@echo off


net view \\computer_name

net use LPT# \\computer_name\shared_printer_name /Persistent:Yes



More can be read about the Printer option in Chapter 6: “/Global/Define Printer” section of the Help manual located in the menu bar at the top of the WIN-911 Configurator.