WIN-911 Version 7 includes two application programs (applets) that interact with the main Scan & Alarm executable to modify the program when using WIN-911 in a redundant application. Used in scripts these lets control the primary and secondary states of each WIN-911 installed on the redundant pair of SCADA servers. Scripts or macros that control the state of WIN-911 will use the appropriate SCADA redundancy flags. Overall functionality is left up to the discretion of the system designer. The default installation path for both applets is C:\Program Files\Specter Instruments\WIN-911 V7\Tools\.

Activate.exe - The Activate applet restores WIN-911 from Standby mode. This enables all WIN-911 notifiers.

Standby.exe - The Standby applet acts in a global manner to disable all WIN-911 monitored data points from active callout consideration. This modifies the program operation without having to shutdown Scan & Alarm. When placed in Standby WIN-911 will still monitor alarms but will not perform any configured notifications.

Restart.exe - The Restart applet will restart WIN-911 whether running as an application or a service.

911Signal.exe - The 911Signal applet provides the same functionality as the Activate, Standby, and Restart applets but use named pipes to communicate with WIN-911. In order to use 911Signal, you must pass command line arguments when executing. 


Activate:  911Signal.exe Global\WIN911_Activate

Standby: 911Signal.exe Global\WIN911_Standby

Restart:   911Signal.exe Global\WIN911_Restart


    • If you're running WIN-911 as a service, “Interact with Desktop” must be enabled on the WIN-911 Service Wrapper for the Standby and Activate applets to function

    • If you're running WIN-911 as a service on Windows 8 or Server 2012, you may need to use the 911Signal.exe applet in place of Activate, Standby, and Restart.

    • The WIN-911 Alarm Monitor window will display the systems state [**** Active****] and [**** Standby ****] in the title bar.


Since WIN-911 is used with many different SCADA/HMI packages, the system designer is responsible for writing a script or macro to automate the execution of Standby and Activate. Below is a generic concept of how this could be achieved.

The idea here is to have one WIN-911 system in Active mode and one WIN-911 system in Standby mode. If at any time both WIN-911s are Active, double the notifications will be made for monitored alarms. If at any time both WIN-911s are in Standby, notifications will be completely lost for monitored alarms.

This script would need to be run on both WIN-911 systems:

If ActiveNode = 1

Run C:\Program Files\Specter Instruments\WIN-911 V7\Tools\Activate.exe.


Run C:\Program Files\Specter Instruments\WIN-911 V7\Tools\Standby.exe.

Where ActiveNode is some flag that changes when a failover occurs from your primary to secondary SCADA/HMI system.